carbuzz is now carwow - We've changed our name!

by Alexandra Margolis / May 10, 2013

That’s right, we’ve changed our name to carwow! We hope you’ll agree it has a bit more impact, which is exactly the effect we’re hoping to have on the new car market.
Though it’s nothing more than a name change, we’re still the same great team with the same big mission. Now is simply the right time to make the switch as lots of exciting changes are happening over at carwow HQ (now based in Covent Garden) and our name change is just one small bit of what’s to come...
Two and a half years ago we launched with the aim of becoming the best place to go to choose what new car to buy. It’s been exciting seeing our business grow so quickly, and today our site attracts hundreds of thousands of UK car buyers each month! 
We wanted to make the experience fast, easy and enjoyable and we continue to pursue this but not only for the research side of car buying, but in actually buying your new car too, as we realised this was an even bigger challenge and frustration for car buyers and knew we could do it much, much better.
We’ve been quietly running a test selling one make of car which has been working so fantastically that we’ll be rolling this out to all makes this year. We’ve had a great reception from not just customers but dealers too. We hope to wow you with our great deals, service, hassle and haggle free car buying experience. 
Over the next six months you’ll also notice gradual improvements to the design and usability of the site, we’re ramping up the level and quality of content with a bigger and better editorial team lead by Antony Ingram. We’re producing more in-depth guides to each car so you’ll get a deeper understanding of every new car that’s on sale.
That’s all for now but watch this space for further developments!
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