London Congestion Charge Exempt Cars - Beat The 75 g/km Limit

Antony Ingram / April 07, 2014

Since July 2013, the London Congestion Charge exemption limit has rolled along at just 75 grams per kilometre of CO2.

It's ended exemption for dozens of vehicles, and only those who placed an order for a previously-exempt car prior to July 2013 or who currently own an exempt vehicle will get to enjoy a further three years of exemption.

All is not lost, however - as there's still a healthy, and growing list of vehicles which remain exempt from the new limits.

Congestion charge exempt cars

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Top Ten Stylish Cars For Under £20,000

Antony Ingram / April 05, 2014

£20,000 gets you a lot of car these days, and a whole heap of style if you know where to look - see if you agree with the ten stylish cars we've chosen in our top-ten list...

10 Best Looking Cars For Under £20,000

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UK Drivers: Here's What Budget 2014 Means To You

Antony Ingram / March 19, 2014

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced the 2014 Budget Statement - here's what it means if you own a car.

Budget 2014

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Lamborghini Huracan - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Andrew Evans / March 14, 2014

Motor shows and supercars - they go together like Christmas and James Bond films. Lamborghini chose Switzerland to show off its all new "entry" level supercar, so it'd be rude not to look a little more closely...

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New Audi TT - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Antony Ingram / March 09, 2014

It may not look much different, but this is Audi's all-new TT. So what actually IS different? Find out in our full photo gallery from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

New Audi TT photo gallery

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New Renault Twingo - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Antony Ingram / March 08, 2014

Some may go to the Geneva Motor Show for the supercars, but for us Renault's new Twingo was one of the stars. Could this be 2014's most desirable city car?

Renault Twingo photo gallery

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Skoda Vision C Concept - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Antony Ingram / March 08, 2014

Skoda's Vision C concept was probably one of our stars of the Geneva Motor Show. It's comfortably the most dramatic concept yet from Skoda, and one we sorely hope will inspire the company's future products. Click through for our full photo gallery...

Skoda Vision C photo gallery

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New Peugeot 108 - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Antony Ingram / March 08, 2014

We have high hopes for the Peugeot 108 given the company's other recent efforts, and those hopes haven't been dashed during a sniff around the car at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

Peugeot 108 photo gallery

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SEAT Leon ST: From Components To Car In 120 Seconds

Andrew Evans / December 05, 2013

Ever wondered what the full production-line process for a single car would look like if condensed to a single, 2 minute video? SEAT has and, with the help of GoPro, you need wonder no more.

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Five Videogames For The Car Nut's Christmas

Andrew Evans / December 04, 2013

Got a game-loving car nut in your life? Stuck for a Christmas present? Let us help you out with these five suggestions for Yuletide motoring fun.

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