Nissan Expands Juke Personalisation Scheme

Andrew Evans / August 15, 2013

Thinking of ordering a new Juke? Slightly put off by the largely staid colour palette? Let Nissan's newly enhanced Juke personalisation service be your salvation...

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Buyer's Guide to Nissan Juke Colours

Andrew Evans / July 18, 2013

If you've shortlisted the Nissan Juke, with the help of carwow's Car Chooser of course,  you're probably now at the stage of picking your ideal specification.

There's plenty of choice in the range, so we've put together a short guide to the available colours to help you make your mind up before you head down to the Nissan dealer.

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Audi A3 Colour Guide & Prices – Expert Advice

Antony Ingram / April 22, 2013

So, you've tried out the carwow Car Chooser and read all the details in our full guide to the Audi A3 and new Audi A3 Sportback.

Your next step is probably picking a car in your ideal specification. There's an almost agonising array of choices out there, so why not spend a minute looking through our guide to the A3's colour chart?

Audi A3 colour guide

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Metallic Paint - Is It Worth The Money?

Andrew Evans / February 17, 2013

Buying a new car? You may be tempted by a fancy shade of metallic paint. But will it stand up to the elements, or prove a nightmare to sell on?

carwow takes a look at whether ticking your new car's metallic paint option is worth your while...

Is metallic paint worth the extra money?

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New Range Rover - Available in the Strangest Colours

Tom Harrison / September 07, 2012

As we were ogling the new Range Rover on Land Rover’s website, we came across something rather bizarre. There's some strange colours it can come in...

Range Rover Spectral


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Orange Cars - why aren’t we buying them?

Alex Margolis / August 26, 2011

Orange cars can look fantastic, but why is it that so few people buy them? We take a look at their pros and cons of owning an orange car...

Orange Lamborghini Aventador

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Why are cars sold in so few colours?

Charlie Fraser / April 11, 2011

People have told us they’d like more choice when it comes to choosing the colour of their new car. Most cars on sale are limited to just a few colour options, but why is this?

Boring Car Colours

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Ford Reveals Europe's Trendiest Car Colours

Alex Margolis / April 05, 2011

Regardless of the variety of vibrant colours on offer, according to a study by Ford, black, white and silver are the most popular colours in Europe. So, no real surprises there, however Ford also provide some interesting country specific colour trends...


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Infographic: Every Car at Geneva. By Colour!

Alex Margolis / March 08, 2011

Every car at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, arranged by colour. See all the cars at the show in one massive image!

Infographic: Every Car at Geneva. By Colour!

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Would You Ever Buy a Brown Car?

Alex Margolis / December 23, 2010

Brown cars are increasing in popularity. Though still a rare sight on the roads, particularly on modern cars, it appears the stigma attached to brown cars may slowly be lessening.

Brown Cars

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