Skoda Vision C Concept - Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Antony Ingram / March 08, 2014

Skoda's Vision C concept was probably one of our stars of the Geneva Motor Show. It's comfortably the most dramatic concept yet from Skoda, and one we sorely hope will inspire the company's future products. Click through for our full photo gallery...

Skoda Vision C photo gallery

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Mazda's Hazumi Concept: The Next Mazda 2?

Andrew Evans / March 06, 2014

As Mazda relentlessly strives to replace its aging Ford-based models with its own new technologies, the Mazda 2 stands as one of the last bastions of blue oval.

Fastforward to the Geneva Motor Show and this Hazumi concept - is this the shape of Mazda's next supermini? We're looking at the details.

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Jaguar XE: Watch Out, 3 Series?

Andrew Evans / March 06, 2014

Have you recently put an order in for a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class or Lexus IS? Did you keep the receipt?

We're taking a look at the first details of Jaguar's most important car this century - its new XE saloon.

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Vauxhall's Newest Hot Hatch: Adam S

Andrew Evans / March 03, 2014

Vauxhall becomes the latest manufacturer to re-embrace the hot hatch craze of the 1990s with this performance take on its Adam city car.

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Want A Cheaper Audi A7? So Does Skoda

Antony Ingram / March 01, 2014

If you like the Audi A7 Sportback but aren't keen on the Audi-like price tag, you'd better hope Skoda builds its VisionC concept...

Skoda VisionC Concept news

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MINI Clubman "Concept" To Debut In Geneva

Antony Ingram / February 26, 2014

Joining the long list of concept cars that aren't really concept cars, MINI's Clubman Concept is basically the next production MINI Clubman - so we take an early look at the Geneva Motor Show debutant.

MINI Clubman Concept news

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Honda's Latest Type R to Debut in March

Andrew Evans / February 12, 2014

Honda is preparing for next month's Geneva Motor Show by taking some of the wraps off its forthcoming products. Head of the line is this smoking hot Civic Type R Concept, ahead of the model's 2015 market date...

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Toyota's FT-1 - A Teaser For The Next Generation of Supra?

Andrew Evans / January 14, 2014

Toyota chooses the Detroit Motor Show to unveil a striking new concept car that could form the basis of a new Nissan GT-R competitor.

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Nissan IDx Concepts: Making Small Cars Fun Again

Antony Ingram / November 24, 2013

To make a fun car for young people, Nissan has consulted... young people! The IDx Freeflow and Nismo concepts are the result - and we have all the details.

Nissan IDx concepts

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Nissan's BladeGlider Concept Redefines The Sports Car

Antony Ingram / November 08, 2013

We're often told by motorsport engineering types that technology developed on racing cars will eventually filter through to road-going vehicles.

That isn't often the case any more, but if there's one car that embodies that spirit, it's Nissan's new BladeGlider concept...

Nissan BladeGlider concept details

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