Google 'Auto' Suggest – What Your Car Really Says About You

Alexandra Margolis / February 28, 2014

Ever wondered what people think of the car you drive? Well you no longer have to guess! Google hoards information on what people search for and uses it to guess what you're trying to type, so it's a pretty scientific(ish) approach to seeing what people think. We searched a ridiculous number of different brands and have picked the best results. Warning: If you're a BMW driver look away now... 

carwow google auto suggest

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Car Brand's Cologne - What We Guess They Smell Like

Tom Harrison / February 14, 2013

With a litany of tastelessly branded products occupying their catalogues alongside the cars themselves, even some carmakers will sell you a fragrance.

But what do they actually smell like? Who knows? Who cares? We make some generalised guesses!

Mercedes Cologne

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Supercats & Supercars - The Craziest Car Trend?

Alexandra Margolis / January 25, 2013

Forget your usual pimp-your-ride-esque mods that boy racers engage in; oversized exhausts, chrome wraps and ridiculous spoilers. You haven’t seen anything yet!  Welcome to what is easily the most expensive and most dangerous car trend out there.

Ferrari Lion

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Top Gear Face Swap

Alexandra Margolis / November 06, 2012

Ever wondered what Jeremy Clarkson would look like with James May's hair? That was the thought that hit us today, so we fired up photoshop and had a play. The result, probably the most disturbing image... in the world.

Top Gear Face Swap

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Exclusive: Vauxhall Launches Boat!

Charlie Fraser / September 05, 2012

Vauxhall today released a couple of teaser images of their latest car, the Cascada. We initially thought the images weren't loading properly, but actually they craftily decided to only release photos of the top half of the car. 

We can now exclusively reveal that the Cascada is actually not a car at all, but a boat! 

Vauxhall Cascada

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The Strangest Car Names Ever

James Allen / May 17, 2012

Here are some of the strangest car names we found that provoked some serious head scratching and smirking on our part! Enjoy!

Suzuki Capp

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Dead serious - Five reasons you should buy a hearse

Antony Ingram / April 20, 2012

Now we’ll admit, a hearse may not be the first vehicle that comes to mind when you’re hunting for a new car, but bear with us on this.

For those not put off by the morbidity of driving around in something that’s carried hundreds of people to their final resting places, there is plenty to recommend a hearse as transport for the open-minded...


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Awesome Car Furniture

Alexandra Margolis / March 16, 2012

We've collected an assortment of car furniture, the results of which became ever more bizarre the deeper we dug. 

fiat 500 sofa

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Maserati guarantees worst Valentine’s Day EVER

Alexandra Margolis / February 03, 2012

It appears Maserati have really raised the bar this year, putting out some how shall I put this... ATROCIOUS suggestions on what to gift her on Valentines Day. Clueless men take heed...

Maserati mug

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The 10 Worst Car Presents Ever

Alexandra Margolis / December 07, 2011

These are the gifts which no-one in their right mind wants to receive at Christmas. Quite possibly, these are the worst car gifts EVER.

ferrari money clip

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