London Congestion Charge Exempt Cars - Beat The 75 g/km Limit

Antony Ingram / April 07, 2014

Since July 2013, the London Congestion Charge exemption limit has rolled along at just 75 grams per kilometre of CO2.

It's ended exemption for dozens of vehicles, and only those who placed an order for a previously-exempt car prior to July 2013 or who currently own an exempt vehicle will get to enjoy a further three years of exemption.

All is not lost, however - as there's still a healthy, and growing list of vehicles which remain exempt from the new limits.

Congestion charge exempt cars

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UK Drivers: Here's What Budget 2014 Means To You

Antony Ingram / March 19, 2014

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced the 2014 Budget Statement - here's what it means if you own a car.

Budget 2014

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Family Hatchback Boot Space Battle - The 11 Biggest Boots

Antony Ingram / August 25, 2013

If you have kids, you'll be more than aware of the unimaginable volumes of extra clobber you have to haul around on a daily basis. Babies in particular - how can something so small command such a large slice of the Earth's resources?

It's all very well cars having enough space to seat adults, but what buyers really need is a big enough boot to store prams, extra shopping and the inevitable holiday paraphernalia each summer.

But which five-door family hatchbacks supply you with that all-important space? We've picked 11 of the best - we would have gone for ten, but several cars share the same volume - as well as singling out the stingiest luggage-hauler on the market. It may surprise you...

Family Hatch biggest boot

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A Question Of Power - What On Earth Is A "PS"?

Andrew Evans / August 24, 2013

It's been a creeping trend for two decades, but these days all new cars are advertised with their power rated in "PS" rather than "hp".

You'll have noticed "PS" figures used in many reviews and news stories on carwow. This can be confusing for those of you used to horsepower ratings - so we're going to cast a light on it. Just what is "PS"?

Horsepower and PS comparison

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Audi A1 Sportback – The Ultimate Guide

James Allen / August 21, 2013

If you’re on the look-out for a new, dinky hatchback, it’s safe to assume the Audi A1 Sportback features prominently on your supermini shortlist.
After all, with a combination of class-leading opulence, an impressive array of super-frugal engines and the prestige of that badge, it’s not surprising the five-door A1 is rated by the critics as one of the top cars of its type on sale today.
But what does it do differently from the regular three-door A1 to justify the £640 premium on an already fairly hefty list price? With this little guide, we sum up the pros and cons that come with the Sportback.
Audi A1 Sportback
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Head-to-Head: Audi A1 vs. Audi A3

Andrew Evans / August 06, 2013

If you're looking for a small hatch as a local runabout, Audi's A3 has always been the upmarket choice of the discerning consumer. It's enough of a VW Golf to make a reasonable ownership proposition and sufficiently different to impress the neighbours.

But Audi themselves have now muddied the waters with the Polo-based A1. With many of the same advantages, but in a smaller, lighter body, which of the two should you go for if you've got your heart set on Ingolstadt's four rings? We're weighing the two cars up in an in-house face-off...

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All The Audi A3s - Should You Go Hatch, Sportback Or Saloon?

Andrew Evans / July 19, 2013

So you've decided to put your money behind the four rings of Ingolstadt and buy yourself an Audi A3, but with three bodystyles on offer, which is the A3 for you?

We're here to slice through the fluff and bring you the headlines for each style - hatch, sportback and saloon - to help you make your choice.

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Buyer's Guide to Nissan Juke Colours

Andrew Evans / July 18, 2013

If you've shortlisted the Nissan Juke, with the help of carwow's Car Chooser of course,  you're probably now at the stage of picking your ideal specification.

There's plenty of choice in the range, so we've put together a short guide to the available colours to help you make your mind up before you head down to the Nissan dealer.

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Five No-Nonsense Family Cars For Under £15,000

Antony Ingram / July 12, 2013

You have a family. That, some might say, is the difficult bit over and done with.

Until you have to choose a car for everyone, of course. Virtually every carmaker wants to grab your money touting lifestyle this and flexible that, but how can you separate mere posturing from the cars that'll genuinely make family life easier?

That's where carwow comes in. We've selected five vehicles that do the "family" thing with minimal fuss and good old common sense - read on to see what we've picked...

Five sensible family cars

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Responsibility: The Hidden Solution To Cars And Bikes Sharing The Road In Safety

Antony Ingram / July 08, 2013

Following the death of another cyclist, carwow examines what really needs to happen for our roads to be safe - for both cars and cyclists.

Cyclist safety

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