Google 'Auto' Suggest – What Your Car Really Says About You

Alexandra Margolis / February 28, 2014

Ever wondered what people think of the car you drive? Well you no longer have to guess! Google hoards information on what people search for and uses it to guess what you're trying to type, so it's a pretty scientific(ish) approach to seeing what people think. We searched a ridiculous number of different brands and have picked the best results. Warning: If you're a BMW driver look away now... 

carwow google auto suggest

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Infographic - Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car

Alex Margolis / February 27, 2012

We've crunched all the numbers from Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car lap times and put together a little infographic.

Top Gear Infographic splash

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Nürburgring Infographic - aka The Green Hell

Alex Margolis / January 19, 2012

We’ve created an infographic with loads of interesting stats and details about the infamous Nürburgring! 

Nurburgring Infographic

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Infographic - Best selling cars 2011

Alexandra Margolis / January 06, 2012

Infographic showing the best selling cars in 2011, plus the best selling manufacturers and key trends.

Best Selling Cars Infographic

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[Infographic] Most complained about Jeremy Clarkson quotes

Alex Margolis / December 02, 2011

Most offensive Jeremy Clarkson quotes of all time

Now we love Jeremy Clarkson. It's just that sometimes he can say things which are a little outrageous, if not downright inappropriate! 

Here's a visual of the most complained about words the man has uttered - more likely, strongly proclaimed:

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Infographic - What makes an F1 Champion?

Alex Margolis / October 04, 2011

We analysed all of the 32 champions over the entire history of Formula 1 spanning 50 years. There are some pretty clear trends in terms of what makes a champion... 

F1 infographic short

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Infographic - McLaren MP4-12C vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Charlie Fraser / September 07, 2011

Infographic pitching the Ferrari 458 Italia against the McLaren MP4-12C. It's the ultimate roundup of this supercar head to head battle. 

MP4 vs 458

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Infographic: Every Car at Geneva. By Colour!

Alex Margolis / March 08, 2011

Every car at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, arranged by colour. See all the cars at the show in one massive image!

Infographic: Every Car at Geneva. By Colour!

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Infographic - Car Buyers Don’t Care About CO2 Emissions

Alex Margolis / February 11, 2011

Recently we conducted a survey which has revealed that quick acceleration and optional extras are far more important to new car buyers than low CO2 emissions. Our infographic shows what new car buyers look for first in a car:


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