5 reasons we're not zooming about in Flying Cars

Alex Margolis / July 12, 2011

Does anyone else share my immense disappointment that it’s 2011 and flying cars are not mainstream? We were promised flying cars! Here are the 5 main reasons we're not yet zooming about in them...


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Are Huge Screens the Future of Car Dashboards?

James Hind / January 05, 2011

We’ve just been sent this image showing what the interior of the upcoming new Tesla model will look like. It’s not just a big LCD screen, it packs a few other nice features.

Tesla Model S Interior

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Car Predictions for 2011

James Hind / January 04, 2011

With the New Year just started, we had a think about what trends in cars we’ll be seeing in 2011. It’s certainly going to be an interesting time, with some exciting new features in new cars coming soon.

Nissan Leaf App

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