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Chevrolet Orlando

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6.9 wowscore
Chevrolet orlando
  • Clever seating arrangement
  • Lots of space
  • Good value
  • Rather bland styling
  • Some cheap interior parts
  • Depreciation worries
The Chevrolet Orlando is a seven-seater MPV that offers family motoring on a budget. It comes with a long warranty, something that might persuade some buyers to ignore its odd looks.

It comes in for some praise – it’s big and relatively cheap to buy and run – but refinement suffers a little and the fit and finish can be a little bit rough in places; one critic said that it was easy to see where they’d saved money.


The Orlando seats seven in comfort, but with all three rows of seats in use the boot space is a dismal 89 litres, which isn’t very much at all. Access to the third row is poor too, as is the headroom, so the big Chevrolet might be best considered to be a five seater that stretches to seven occasionally.

Otherwise it’s all fine, with the cabin being Chevrolet’s “best yet”. It’s well designed and there are some nice chrome and gloss black touches that lift it – even if it ultimately falls short of the class leaders.


You don’t buy an MPV for the driving experience – but the Orlando makes a pretty good fist of it anyway. The roadholding, handling and ride are all good but the steering has been criticised as being “vague”.


The small petrol engine in best avoided, as it’s underpowered and noisy. The larger diesel engines – 130bhp and 160bhp – are much better and give a decent compromise between performance and economy while still being fairly refined.

Value for money

It’s cheap (if you stick to sensible equipment levels) and has a five-year warranty – but you’ll pay for them both. Refinement and finish aren’t as good as the class leaders and the boot is abysmal if all three rows of seats are being used.

Worth noting

The Vauxhall Zafira shares the same platform as the Chevrolet Orlando, so you might be able to save a few pounds here for the same driving experience – and get a five-year warranty.


The Orlando is cheap-ish to buy and run and gives decent performance and economy. The five-year warranty will give the private buyer some reassurance too, which will appeal to some.

But it’s some way short of the class-leading competition for finish and refinement. It might also be worthwhile looking elsewhere if you regularly travel with seven people in the car with their luggage.

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Key Details

Price range:
£18,050 - £25,650
35 - 53
Safety rating (NCAP):
5 out of 5 stars
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for a long time yet!
Engine to go for:
There are two diesel engines, a 130bhp and a 160bhp version, both get good reviews.
Engine to avoid:
Avoid the 1.8 Petrol, it’s far too slow.
Engine naming:
VCDi engines are diesel
6.9 out of 10 from 12 reviews
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Type Reviews Score
1.8 1 6.0
2.0 VCDi 130 3 7.0
2.0 VCDi 163 6 7.0
General 3 7.0
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Chevrolet Orlando User Reviews

2.0 diesel (2012) 48.0 mpg
9 wowscore

I own a 2.0L Orlando LT Auto.
I like the price, I like the interior space.
Whilst its not a rocket ship its engine is responsive and pushes on!
I primarily use the Orlando on the Motorway.
Its happy at 70 to 80 with just under 2k revs on the REV counter.
I like the four-square no nonsense styling.
I like the high seating position.
I do like the agricultural growl of the engine.
It is comfortable and solid.
The bow tie is pretty cool too!

  • By Simon Porter, who owns this car
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