SUVs for less than £200 per month

There are countless reasons to pick an SUV as your next family car. For starters – they’re more spacious than hatchbacks and easier to get into thanks to seats being closer to your hips. You might assume with the extra size comes extra cost but we’ve found a great selection on sale for less than £200 per month.

Thanks to ever-improving Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase agreements, there’s never been a better time to drive out the showroom with a great deal. Why not use our handy PCP calculator to get a better idea how much your new car could cost? All carwow dealers have finance packages available so spec up any of these SUVs in our new car deals page to see how much you could save.

Nissan Qashqai – £199 per month

The immensely popular and talented Nissan Qashqai sneaks onto this list for just under £200 per month. Thanks to its fantastic wowscore, the Nissan won carwow’s 2015 Car of the Year Award. Among other reasons, it’s down to its sturdy build quality, sensational ride comfort and range of frugal engines.

The PCP deal in question leaves you with £199 per month payments, although the deposit is a relatively large £4,442. Your payments will last 37 months and, despite the hefty upfront cost, it remains great value for money thanks to the Qashqai’s vast range of talents.

To save money on the list price, remember to check out our Nissan Qashqai deals page.

Citroen C4 Cactus – £159 per month

The Citroen C4 Cactus is an eye-catching compact crossover that’s very efficient thanks to its remarkably low weight – basic models weigh little more than a tonne. The exterior is covered in ‘air bumps’ to help protect your paintwork in tight car parks too. The spacious cabin features a minimalist dashboard and bench rear seats to reduce weight.

The deposit is a slightly hefty £4,524 but that lets you take advantage of the low £159 per month payments. Citroen is currently offering a £1,500 deposit contribution, however, bringing it down to £3,024. The package lasts 36 months and, should you wish to buy it outright, the final payment is £7,376.

Our Citroen C4 Cactus deals page will save you money off your new car, straight from the best dealers across the country.

Suzuki Vitara – £149 per month

The Suzuki Vitara is a cheap yet rugged SUV. Few upmarket soft-touch plastics grace its dashboard to keep the price down, but overall build quality has taken a huge leap up over the last generation. Most models even get a touchscreen infotainment system. While taller crossovers don’t usually handle as well as lower hatchbacks, the Vitara resists body roll well and could even be considered fun on the right road.

The Vitara’s value for money is reflected in its finance deals – you can get your hands on one for as little as £149 per month. Hand over a £2,417 deposit and your payments will last for 48 months. If you’re willing to pay £179 per month instead, you’ll get a higher spec car, but the deposit and final payment aren’t much more so it’s worth considering if you’d like the infotainment system.

To receive great offers from the best dealers, our Suzuki Vitara deals page will help sure you get the best price.

Skoda Yeti – £185 per month

It’s been around a while, but the Skoda Yeti still holds its own against many pricier rivals – with a bigger boot than the Nissan Qashqai and a range of economical engines, the Yeti is a great all-rounder. It isn’t the most interesting of designs, but the interior is durable enough to make it a great family car. The stable driving experience and comfortable ride also help make it family friendly.

If you get a Yeti today, you can benefit from a PCP deal that’ll see you paying just £185 per month. You need a £2,516 deposit and will make payments for 41 months but, provided you don’t exceed the 35,000-mile limit, it’s still great value for money.

Check out our Skoda Yeti deals page to make sure you get a great price – you’ll receive offers from only the best Skoda dealers.

Jeep Renegade – £199 per month

The Jeep Renegade is the American company’s attempt to tap into the ever-popular small SUV segment of the market. Its off-beat, boxy look hark back to Jeeps of old and, under the skin, it shares parts with the Fiat 500X. Its cube-like styling also means there’s tons of room inside considering its relatively short length.

You’ll have to put down £3,971 as a deposit on a mid-range model with a PCP deal, but there’s currently a £1,500 dealer contribution – bringing the price down to a more reasonable sum. Monthly payments are a little steep at £199 per month but this means, if you choose to keep the car after the 24 month agreement is up, the final payment option will be less than other PCP deals.

To get a great saving, our Jeep Renegade deals page will ensure you get great prices from Jeep dealers nationwide.

Dacia Duster – £99 per month

The Dacia Duster is the cheapest SUV currently on sale so offers sensational value by default – few rivals offer as much space for as little money. It doesn’t use interior materials in the same league as some rivals here but there’s a basic charm to the Duster and everything appears rugged and durable.

Its back to basics approach means you can get a 48-month PCP deal by handing over just £555 as a deposit and pay just £99 per month thereafter. Even the range-topping Laureate model comes in at less than £180 if you feel like splashing out.

If you’re a fan of this simple, rugged SUV, check out our Dacia Duster deals page to make sure you get a good price.

Fiat 500X – £169 per month

The Fiat 500X keeps the charm of the Italian company’s smaller 500 supermini but is much more practical offering room for all the family. Reflecting the personalisation options of the smaller cars, you choose between ‘City Look’ and ‘Off-Road Look’ packages although this is still a crossover better suited to the city than a ploughed field.

Put down a £2,749 deposit and you can bag yourself a mid-range 500X on a PCP offer for £169 per month – great value for a funky yet functional family SUV. You shouldn’t be stuck when your deal is over too – the 500 supermini holds its value well so the same should apply to the 500X.

For great prices from the best Fiat dealers, try out our Fiat 500X deals page to ensure you get great offers.

Vauxhall Mokka – £199 per month

The Vauxhall Mokka is popular thanks to its impressive standard specification. It isn’t the best to drive but you’ll find even basic models get cruise control, dual-zone air conditioning and automatic headlights. Its high driving position is another plus point – it feels like a bigger SUV than a crossover.

If you pay a deposit of £3,799, you can bag yourself an Exclusiv model for £199 per month. The PCP’s duration is 35 months and, while you may find the final payment will be higher than other deals, you’ll have the option to trade it in against a new car.

For the best savings, our Vauxhall Mokka deals page will get you great prices from only the best Vauxhall dealers.

Nissan Juke – £199 per month

The funky Nissan Juke has been around a while, but it’s still one of the most popular crossover-SUVs out there. You’ll love or hate its appearance but, once you’re behind the wheel, it’s hard to deny that the Juke is a capable car. Despite its lofty body, it handles as well as many hatchbacks and its resistance to body roll makes it feel sporty on the move.

Nissan’s cheapest deal will get you a Juke in Acenta trim for £199 per month over 37 payments. The deposit is a reasonable £2,524 but that means, if you want to keep it, you’ll have a higher final payment. Alternatively, you have the option of trading it in and getting a brand new model.

Spec one up in our Nissan Juke deals page – carwow dealers will get you great prices while giving you the best service.

Ford Ecosport – £169 per month

Its looks aren’t for everyone, but the Ford EcoSport combines the running costs of a Fiesta with the space of a bigger car – at 333 litres, there’s more boot space than even a Focus. It isn’t designed for off-roading, but the high driving position gives great visibility and that all-important commanding SUV feel.

You’ll find that a Titanium spec 1.0-litre Ecoboost petrol model will set you back just £169 per month. Available as a PCP arrangement, payments last just 35 months with a moderate £3,549 deposit. Mileage limits are also worth taking into account – you’ll pay more if you exceed 9,000 per year in the EcoSport.

For great prices, be sure to check out our Ford EcoSport deals page – you’ll receive offers from top Ford dealers across the country.

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Remember to put any of the models featured here in our new car deals page to take advantage of excellent finance packages from the best dealers or check out our PCP calculator to get a better idea how much your new car could cost.  If you’re struggling to pick your next car, check out our handy car chooser.

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£18,960 - £30,550
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£16,580 - £20,255
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Suzuki Vitara

A fun and practical small SUV
£15,999 - £24,599
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