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2014’s best Christmas gifts for car owners

If you, or someone you know, are even remotely interested in cars, then prepare to be bombarded with gifts themed around the hobby. From MG wall clocks to novelty cufflinks, from the naff to the nuts, we’ve scoured the market to find the best (or most interesting) products.

Some are sensible, some are not, some are halfway inbetween. For all, prices are listed and links provided to the websites where you can get the items.

For the future Lewis Hamiltons…

Haynes V8 model combustion engine – £29.89 (Amazon)

This functioning V8 model comes as a kit of more than 250 parts. The movements of the pieces, along with lights and sounds, help show budding engineers how the engine works. It even has a Haynes-style manual to show you how to build it.

Comet fire fighter pedal car – £209.00 (hibba)

Based on the original Murray Comet pedal cars from the 1950s, this retro fire engine is constructed out of durable metal with puncture-proof tyres. Pedals are adjustable for children aged between two and six.

And no, drunk dad, you definitely won’t fit in it and will break it.

For the curmudgeonly commuter…


thumbsUp! whistle key finder – £2.38 (Amazon)

A simple idea that could prove invaluable. After all, there are few things worse than loosing your keys, so with this neat keychain device you simply whistle, and it beeps and flashes until you’ve located it. It also houses an LED light to illuminate your way to the front door.

Deer deterrent – £7.99 (presentsformen)

For those who live further afield, commutes not only have to dodge the usual crop of other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, but also deer and other large mammals that jump out in front of cars. This simple device creates an inaudible tone that warns the deer of your car.

We’re not sure how well it works, but if it helps you avoid an awkward altercation with Bambi then do let us know!

Electric ice scraper – £9.99 (rnlishop)

Does what it says on the recyclable packaging. A built-in heating element melts the ice on your windscreen making scraping that much easier. The handle extends to help you reach trickier areas and it’s powered by the standard 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car.

For the enthused enthusiast…

Pininfarina anniversary silk tie – £35 (gearboxgifts)

This limited-edition tie is made from fine silk and is available in the Pininfarina colours of Grey or Dark Blue. Only 80 will be made to reflect the 80 years the company has been styling some of the world’s most beautiful cars.

Personalised race number cufflinks – £40 (RichardCammish)

These cufflinks come in a variety of finishes to reflect the most famous racing liveries worn by race cars. The Martini stripe, Gulf blue and orange or Lotus green and yellow are but some of the choices on offer and can be combined with numbers or letters of your choice.

GoPro Hero – £94 (amazon)

If you’ve ever watched a car video (on Youtube or even TV), then chances are you’ve seen some GoPro footage. These little cameras are so anecdotally tough that they’ll reputedly survive a 150mph collision. It shoots in high definition and, with this accessories kit, it’ll capture great footage wherever you are.

Classic leather tool bag – £260 (meandmycar)

Hark back to the good ol’ days when fixing broken cars was part and parcel of driving with this stylish retro tool bag. Crafted from top-quality leather, this sturdy bag has space for your tools, spares and manuals – a must-have for any classic car nut. Tools not included.

For those who need to get rid of their money as fast as possible…

BaByliss Pro Volare V1 Ferrari hairdryer – £49.95 (HQhair)

A ‘V12’ engine, rosso corsa red paint and italian engineering. Nope, these aren’t the details of Ferrari’s latest road car, but BaByliss’ latest hairdryer. Using a Ferrari-developed ‘V12’ electric motor, it promises professional quality drying with increased longevity.


1928 Cadillac headlight lamp – £540 (1000bulbs)

Starting with a recreation in aluminium and brass of a 1920s Cadillac headlight, Authentic Models then mounts the light on a black art-deco tripod featuring a compass. This lamp certainly will be a bold feature in any room.

Espresso Veloce – c.£10,000 (SUPERVELOCE)

Definitely one for the ‘if you have to ask – you can’t afford it’ category – Super Veloce-built coffee machines look like racing engines – in any configuration you desire (V8, V10, V12). Compatible with Nespresso cartridges, it pours the coffee out of an exhaust port. Built in very limited numbers to order.

Or you could just buy a car…

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