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Five romantic cars for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” more than a showy gesture one day a year – and buying your partner a new car is showier than most.

But you’ll need to pick the right vehicle to impress your Valentine – so we’ve picked the best vehicles for every sort of romantic encounter. Entirely innocently, you’ll understand.

Spacious seats – Audi A8 LWB

The Audi A8 is one of the roomiest cars you can buy, which means you and your intended can be shuttled around in flawless comfort.

Should for some reason you need enough room to move athletically about inside the A8, the front passenger seat will convert into a rear-facing affair (it’s actually a footrest, but who’s counting), while the massage seats will add an extra level of stimulation. And it’s an Audi – so you have nearly fifty shades of grey paint to chose from…

Mood lighting – Kia Soul

The dinky Soul might seem an unusual choice of lover’s gift but it comes with a novel feature or two.

Leading the line is the front “mood” speakers which add a little illumination to your music. Kia’s system changes colour in rhythm to the sounds, so crank it up and get some Barry White on while you cruise to your date location.

Starscape – Vauxhall Adam

Even more unusual an option is Vauxhall’s opinion-splitting city car, but it too has its charms.

The Adam can be equipped with a £325 LED star-pattern rooflining, providing you and your loved one with nature’s own mood lighting, rain or shine. Unless you fancy shelling out six figures on a Rolls-Royce Wraith, the Adam is the only way to wow your date with your knowledge of constellations of the Northern hemisphere.

Back to nature – Audi Q3

Of course you can’t beat real stars and, though it’s not an official accessory yet, the Audi Q3 comes with one of the neatest ways to enjoy them.

A pop-up tent that clips to the back of your Audi and inflates – yes, inflates – in seven minutes flat. There’s no scrimping on size either, because you could probably fit the entire Q3 into it.

Sweet smelling – Fiat 500L

It’s Fiat that nets the award for neatest Valentine’s car accessory though.

The Fiat 500L is equipped with a fragrance dispenser, so you can wow your better half with scent before treating them to morning coffee – the 500L can also come complete with an optional Lavazza espresso machine.

And one for the singletons – BAC Mono

If you’re sick of the sickly sweetness of happy couples on Valentine’s Day, there’s only one car to show how glad you are on your own – the single-seat BAC Mono.

Even if you’re not all that pleased about it, the fact you’ll be wearing a helmet and can reach 60mph from rest in 2.8 seconds means no-one will be able to see your lovesick face for long enough to pity you. We imagine you might zoom past a fair few jealous folks who’d happily escape their date for a blast in a Mono, however.

Like these romantic rides?

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Vauxhall Adam

Premium city car with lots of customisable options
£13,450 - £18,875
Read review Compare offers

Fiat 500L

Cheap family car with retro styling
£16,400 - £21,565
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