The Ferrari Inspired Golf Cart

This Ferrari Enzo inspired golf cart is billed as the most luxurious golf cart in the world. Its not the first car-inspired golf cart that the company have created, theres more!

Pennwick proudly boast that the F5 Golf Cart is the most exotic, desirable and simply awe inspiring luxury custom golf cart around. Its inspired by an Italian Sports Car brand, though there are no prizes for guessing which it is.

Pennwick F5

Its not just sporty looks, with a top speed of 20mph and a ClubCar chassis youll think youre behind the wheel of a real Italian Sports Car.

Ferrari Enzo Golf Cart

Surprisingly, for a golf cart, it cant even carry golf clubs. Youll have to order the optional golf bag holder for that. Other options include a hard top, leather seats and 15 wheels. The F5 isnt cheap, the starting price is $20,500.

Theres also the Pennwick Shadow, which bears a close resemblance to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Unlike the Ghost though, the Shadow can come as a 6-seater and is slightly cheaper, at just $16,500.

Rolls Royce golf cart

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen the design direction below somewhere too!

Bentley Golf Cart

Order one now at Pennwick Golf Carts before the intellectual property lawyers get there first.

Source: TrendHunter

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