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All cars at Geneva Motor Show sorted by colour

A couple of weeks back, we sent an intrepid member of the carwow content team over to Switzerland to check out the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Armed with just a camera and a packet of caffeine pills, their mission was to take a photo of every car on display.

Once back on our shores with a very full memory card and severely depleted energy levels, we can now see the fruits of their labour. We’ve sorted through all the pictures to determine what the motoring industry’s colour of choice was for showcasing new cars at this year’s event.

Have a look at the results in the graphic below (click to view the original high-res version):

Unsurprisingly, white dominates as the most popular colour, followed by blue and then red.

There were a lot fewer silver cars than in the past – it was the second most popular colour when we did this way back in 2011.

Purple was clearly the least popular colour (even more so than brown!) with only five cars, and it seems yellow and orange were the clear winners in terms of colours for showing off supercars.

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