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Are Huge Screens the Future of Car Dashboards?

Weve just seen been sent this image showing what the interior of the upcoming new Tesla model will look like. Its not just a big LCD screen, it packs a few other nice features.

The Model S is an electric saloon from the small American motor company, and will join the Tesla Roadster (buzzScore7.8) in their line up.

Within the centre console sits this huge 17 touchscreen with vivid 3D graphics. Were not quite sure what that means, or whether the occupants will have to wear 3D glasses for it, but it certainly sounds cool!

Through the screen, you will be able to control the infotainment system, satellite navigation and adjust the temperature settings. The sat nav will update with live traffic information, tell you the weather where youre heading and point out places of interest.

As well as the main display, the driver will also get a 12.3 LCD screen which will sit in the dashboard. Again 3D graphics will feature on this too.


Weve noticed that screen sizes have slowly been increasing in new cars. The Audi A7 Sportback and new BMW 6-Series both feature very large displays, though nothing close to the size of the one in this Model S.

We reckon its likely this kind of touch control screen will be integrated into more cars, potentially with the same technology that the Range Rover has, which shows a different image to the driver than it does to the passenger. Touchscreen displays are very user friendly and intuitive to use, so it could be a good way to avoid the clutter of buttons and switches that so many modern cars suffer from.

It’s slightly odd though that were first seeing such large screens on an electric car, where you’d have thought they would be trying to reduce energy consumption as much as possible!

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