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carwow survey shows bad service puts off car buyers

carwow has conducted a UK-wide survey and found that four out of 10 car buyers have been so disappointed with the customer service at a dealership that they’ve taken their business elsewhere.

The data shows 39.3 per cent of people decided to buy a different car because of poor customer service in a dealership. Men were marginally less tolerant of poor service than women: 43.1 per cent of men compared 35.6 per cent of women decided to look further afield.

The survey also found 69.7 per cent of people would prefer dealers to compete over their business, rather than the traditional process of buyers visiting multiple dealerships to try and find the best price.

carwow: the way forward

James Hind, carwow’s CEO said: “The car-buying process hasn’t really changed much in a hundred years. These days, you can have your weekly shop delivered to your door and stream films straight to your TV but you still have to awkwardly haggle face-to-face when you buy a new car – normally the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make. What carwow offers is a new way forward.”

“carwow brings the process bang up-to-date by putting consumers first and having the dealers compete over you. And because we only accept Britain’s best dealers and keep all your details private, the transaction is as relaxing and transparent as it should be.”

carwow was launched by 28-year-old James Hind in response to a car buying process that felt out-dated and uncomfortable. These survey results reveal that customers continue to be dissatisfied with the traditional process, further underlining the need for alternative approaches to new-car buying.

Since its launch a couple of years ago, more than £300m worth of cars have been sold through carwow, saving its users more than £40m – an average of £3,600 per purchase. Using carwow’s unique Customer Satisfaction Index, the dealers that offer the best service are rewarded with more leads, ensuring the site’s customers get the best experience possible. That explains carwow’s 9.8/10 Trust Pilot rating, making it Trust Pilot’s #1 site in both ‘cars’ and ‘comparison sites’.

What next?

Check out carwow’s car configurator to pick your ideal car or, for more options, head over to our deals page. If you’re still struggling to pick what car you’d like, our car chooser can point you in the right direction.

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