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The Future of the Automobile, Bentley’s Mulsanne Visionaries

Bentley’s latest campaign titled Mulsanne Visionaries, is an interesting one. The premise is that the future doesn’t simply happen, instead it’s shaped by visionaries.

A collection of videos is being released presenting key innovators giving us their take on the future of the automobile. The videos are packed with unique insights from people such as Clive Darby (bespoke tailor to the stars), Jean-Michel Jarre (musical innovator), Silvio Denz (Lalique CEO), Wing Cdr Andy Green (World land speed record holder).

The first of these videos which you can watch below, is of Jean Todt, President of the F.I.A. a true car enthusiast and a man who has held many roles in the industry, from racing driver, to head of rally teams, F1 teams and even the CEO of Ferrari.

Now he’s attempting to deal with the road deaths epidemic, particularly in the developing world, something that Bentley themselves are very concerned with. Amongst other things, Jean discusses the synergy between road and racing cars, electric cars and self-driving cars.

Take a look:



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