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2015 BMW X6 M: old vs new

BMW recently unveiled the new X6 M – the X6’s loud-mouthed brute of a sibling. How different is it from the old one, though?

Let’s find out! The 2015 model is the blue one, and is always on the left of the photos on this page. The red one is the old model than came out in 2009.


The BMW X6 range recently received a few styling and mechanical updates, and now it’s the turn of the X6 M to be freshened up. The blunt and imposing looking front end is identical to that of the X5 M, replacing the rounded, slightly squashed look of the previous model.

Huge front grilles add extra aggression, as well as helping deliver cold air towards the two turbos’ intercoolers. Around the back, the rear bumper has been altered, in particular around the four exhausts pipes, where a new diffuser aims to add aerodynamic grip without causing performance-harming drag. The rear roofline – which we assume came about by chance when a designer accidentally sat on one of the clay model prototypes – still remains.


BMW has managed to trim 30kg from the weight of the old model, through the use of lightweight components in the suspension and brakes. Overall though, the X6 M is very similar in size to its predecessor as the updates are only minor tweaks as opposed to a redesign from scratch.


The X6 M’s interior receives the same updates as the rest of the range, first seen at the Paris motor show at the start of October. A more modern looking cabin is immediately apparent, with a smarter, higher quality design. The boot has grown marginally to 580 litres, while M Sport dials and steering wheel make the front of the cabin a more special place to sit.


The latest version of the 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 is shared with the M5 and M6, and thanks to the use of special components that debuted in those models, it now produces 23hp more than before. The latest motor has greater overtaking flexibility too, thanks to a 10 percent boost in torque. Fuel economy is boosted by the eight speed dual clutch automatic transmission, which replaces the old six-speeder.

Performance and economy

If you’re that very rare (and slightly barmy) type of person that felt the old X6 M wasn’t quite fast enough, then the extra performance available here might be up your street. The 0-60 sprint takes half a second less than before at only 4.2 seconds, while top speed remains at a limited 155mph. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions have improved dramatically over the old model – it now achieves a claimed 25.5mpg and 258g/km, up from 20.3mpg and 325g/km.

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