Infographic – Car Buyers Don’t Care About CO2 Emissions

Recently we conducted a survey which has revealed that quick acceleration and optional extras are far more important to new car buyersthan low CO2 emissions.

Our infographic shows what new car buyers look for first in a car:

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The results from our poll of 1,982 UK motorists found that price is the top concern in a new vehicle, followed closely by number of seats and fuel economy.

Of the tiny 1% of respondents who claimed CO2 emissions would be the first thing they looked at, two thirds (67%) stated this was due to the money-saving element, such as cheaper road-tax, that came as a bonus. Only one in ten of the respondents (11%), were concerned about the impact on the environment.

When asked, If you were to buy a brand new car, what is the first thing you would look for in a vehicle? and told to select from a multiple choice list, 21% selected price. Of these, 52% said they wouldnt buy a car if it was even slightly above their budget.

We wanted to discover what the first thing is that people look for in a vehicle, as a large part of our website is devoted to finding the perfect car based on your personal requirements.

Our Car Chooser tool allows you to input factors including your budget, number of seats and MPG and filter results to refine your search.

Though we werent hugely surprised by the results, its still shocking that people are more concerned about optional extras such as air-con and cup holders than low CO2 emissions! Many people are still only just coming around to the green is good idea, and aside from the money-saving aspect people just dont seem to see the benefits.

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