carwow gets a facelift!

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We are very excited to be announcing the carwow redesign! Weve made some big changes and from now on youll start seeing new things added to the site regularly.
A couple of months ago David, our developer, joined the team, so weve brought everything in-house. Weve finally been able to start building things quickly, cost-effectively and bring some of our many ideas to life for you. So far weve completely rebuilt and improved the design of the site, mainly making a whole load of behind-the-scenes changes, but youll definitely notice a few positive differences!

New Car Chooser

The focus for the re-launch was mainly on optimising the Car Chooser. The Car Chooser is now integrated into any search results and is now an integral part of the site. We wanted to create a more powerful and easier to use tool, so its now quicker and has more filter options. Results update in real-time and all appear on one page, no need to click through 20 odd pages any more!
carwow screenshot

Quicker Loading Times

The old site was slow, very slow! Without going into geeky details, weve improved the loading times of every page and of the image galleries.

More Content

For all the new cars on sale weve added even more helpful info for you to read, such as when the car was launched, when a replacement is due and which engine is the one to go for. We want to make information about cars more transparent, so weve included things that our users have told us they want to see when buying a new car.
carwow re-launch

Higher quality photos

The photos are the same size as before, but weve upped the quality and some clever image hosting means theyll load way faster.

Better Stats Tab

Weve improved the stats page for every new car, listing which engines are for sale, and which are no longer made. So the page will be useful for both new and used buyers.
In a couple of months there will be a big change to this tab, but for now weve just tweaked it slightly.
carwow homepage redesign

Theres plenty more to come!

From now on, thanks to taking development in-house, there wont be a week that goes by without new features or improvements being released! Weve got loads of exciting things in store for you.
We really hope you like the new feel of the site and find our features a delight to use. We know theres still a bit of polishing to be done - were working on it!
As always please do get in touch if youve got any questions or suggestions, wed love to hear from you.
Now have a play with our new site!
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