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The Coolest New Cars for Dads

The coolest new cars that Dads should buy. A car for all price ranges that your kids won’t be embarrassed to be seen in!

Lets get slightly practical here. We’ll assume you need at least four seats, which immediately rules out any little sportscars! Here are what we reckon are the coolest new cars for different price ranges:

£10k – £15k: Alfa Romeo Mito

Buy this and your kids can boast that their Dad drives an Alfa. The Mito is a great little car that gets a lot of impressive reviews. It’s good looking, there’s room for four and a decent boot. There’s some excellent engines to choose from too.
Price: £12,195 – £17,785
buzzScore: 7.4
Alfa Romeo Mito reviews

£15k – £20k: Honda CR-Z

It’s got concept car looks and a hybrid engine, which immediately makes it cool in our eyes. The interior is smart, with lots of funky dials, and all models come with loads of toys as standard. The back seats aren’t huge, but easily enough for kids. Running costs will be low, it can get 56mpg and you won’t be paying too much to the government with vehicle tax costing only £30 a year.
Price: £17,640 – £22,585
buzzScore: 8.1
Honda CR-Z reviews

£20k – £25k: Peugeot RCZ

At this price range our money would go on a Peugeot RCZ. It looks like it came straight of a sci-fi film set and will get a lot of attention wherever you drive it. What’s more it’s fun to drive and all the engines are economical. The rear seats aren’t huge, but there’s easily enough room for two kids in the back.
Price: £21,025 – £29,775
buzzScore: 8.2
Peugeot RCZ reviews

£25k – £30k: Audi A5

The A5 is a very smart coupe that’ll impress your children whatever age they are. The interior is fantastic and there’s a lot of cool gadgets you can order. The diesel engines are particularly good, they’re fast and have a nice sporty growl. If you want a bit more space in the back then there’s also a saloon version, the A5 Sportback.
Price: £25,645 – £43,340
buzzScore: 7.8
Audi A5 reviews

£30k – £40k: Range Rover Evoque

If you’ve got this kind of money to spend on a car then we’d recommend you take a look at the new Range Rover Evoque. It’s a stunning car that gets universal praise from the critics. It’s very stylish and the interior is luxurious and roomy. There’ll be no complaints from your offspring if you had this on your drive.
Price: £27,785 – £43,995
buzzScore: 9.2
Range Rover Evoque reviews

£40k – £50k: Audi Q7

Dwarf all the other cars on the school run with the Audi Q7. It’s absolutely huge. The interior is massive too, with room for seven. There’s plenty of room for your kids and their friends in the back and you’ll enjoy driving it too. The cool factor can be upped by gadgets such as the reversing cameras and rear TV screens.
Price: £40,495 – £99,315
buzzScore: 6.9
Audi Q7 reviews

£60k – £70k: Nissan GT-R

If you’re looking at spending this much then you can pick up some extremely fast cars. There’s few faster at any price range than the incredible Nissan GT-R. Sure you’re kids will have to tell their friends that their Dad drive a Nissan, but they’ll all have seen the GT-R on TopGear. Unless one of their classmates’ Dads own a Veyron then you’ll be the fastest Dad by a long way.
Price: £70,895
buzzScore: 9.3
2011 Nissan GT-R reviews

£70k – £100k: Maserati GranTurismo

At the price range there’s a lot of cool cars to change from. The GranTurismo looks like a proper supercar and the sound from the V8 is sublime. There’s just about enough room in the back and the boot is surprisingly big, so justifying it to the wife shouldn’t be too hard!
Price: £81,135 – £108,990
buzzScore: 7.8
Maserati GranTurismo reviews
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