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Watch the carwow games – the greatest car athletics events of all time

Blood. Sweat. Tears. The incredible highs of crossing the line first – the crushing lows of slipping into silver medal position after years of hard graft. Exasperation after seeing your fellow competitors inch away despite putting everything into your performance. No, we’re not talking about that weird couples holiday you went on – we’re talking world-class athletics.

And despite the performances put on by the world’s top athletes this summer, human endeavours are rarely as visually entertaining as, say… an M2 doing massive drifts.

And that is exactly why we decided to host our own summer sporting event. The carwow games. It’s like sports, but… with cars.

Over the next five days we’ll share a video of a sporting event from our multinational four-car group of competitors. There’ll be drifts. There’ll be flowing ribbons. There’ll be real surprises. And, of course, it’ll all get a little bit silly.

Check back each day for the next event. Which country will win the most gold medals? Which will leave in a cloud of understeer clutching a bronze?

carwow games day one – the sprint

Kicking things off is the sprint. In the human version of this sport a giant from Jamaica is the man to beat – however can our representative from Team GB steal glory from the USA, Japan and Germany?

Only one way to find out. Let the games begin.

carwow games day two – drift gymnastics

It’s time for the most graceful and coveted event at the carwow games; the drift gymnastics. This event combines elements of gymnastics, ballet, dance and apparatus manipulation, in our case a lovely carwow blue ribbon. The floor has been replaced with our carwow gymnastics course and now it’s over to our car-thletes to prove it isn’t all about power, and you at home to decide who stands (or parks) on the podium!

carwow games day three – exhaust shot put

Day three is here, and it’s time to fulfil everyone’s childhood dream by stuffing a ball in a car exhaust then firing it out by revving the engine. You could say we’ve completely exhausted our ideas. However, the design of each car plays an integral role in this event. For example, the Honda Civic Type R and BMW M2 have four exhausts, while the Caterham only has one – will this mean more or less pressure? Which will be the ultimate ball cannon? Let’s find out…

carwow games day four – braking javelin

Day four is the car javelin – a test of braking. We couldn’t face the risk assessment required for physically lobbing pointy spears from moving cars so we’ve done the next best thing – putting a weighty bean bag on the bonnet of each car. We’ll get each car up to the same speed before hitting the brakes and measuring the distance the bean bag travels.

 carwow games day five – long jump

It’s time for the final day of the carwow games. Just before we extinguish the games’ torch (OK, a cheap cigarette lighter) there’s time for one more event – the long jump. Admittedly we weren’t about to risk massive bills by jumping the cars, but we think we’ve found the next best thing – a coasting race. Which car glides efficiently through the air and long the tarmac? Which doesn’t have the mass to succeed? Find out now! And thanks for watching.


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