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Classic BTCC touring cars we’d love to see remade

Touring car racing is arguably much more exciting than Formula 1. Fearless drivers in modified versions of the cars you see on your morning commute battle it out wheel-to-wheel in short, frantic races. A podium position can be secured either by getting the perfect line or, should that fail, a strategic nudge on the bumper to send your opponent into the gravel trap.

The 2016 season is upon us and, while the grid will be full of very exciting machinery, we couldn’t help but wonder – what would our favourite classic touring cars look like if they raced in the 21st Century? Here are 10 awesome cars from BTCC and international touring car history brought bang up to date – let us know which is your favourite on Facebook, Twitter or in our comments section below.

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Volvo V90

The standard Volvo V90 is a spacious, sensible estate that follows in the footsteps of the 240 and 850 before it. Like the latter, however, the V90 could prove to be a surprising black sheep in modern touring car races. Here, it wears the same white and blue livery as its legendary 850 forebear and proves estates can be just as racy as their saloon counterparts.

Check out the latest on the Volvo V90 before it arrives later in 2016.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The unassuming Alfa Romeo 155 burnt itself into race fans’ memory taking numerous touring car championships around the world. The modern Giulia looks equally resplendent in the bold red paint scheme and, with a Ferrari-developed V6 engine, should have the firepower to match the shouty bodywork.

See what we know so far about the Alfa Romeo Giulia before it goes on sale.

Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes 190 was the predecessor to the C-Class and the brand’s first foray into the compact executive sector. To give it the best chance against its BMW competitors, Mercedes sent it to performance specialists AMG to prepare it for the touring car stage. Its iconic black and silver livery, wide bodykit and massive rear wing transfer beautifully to the modern C-Class and would look right at home on the BTCC grid.

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BMW 3 Series ‘Art car’

BMW’s racing history is extensive – indeed, the brand has built its identity on offering the ‘ultimate driving machine’. Some of its greatest racing cars have shunned the corporate white, blue and red paint scheme, however, in favour of a unique livery designed by a contemporary artist. Our 3 Series saloon features the beautiful multi-colour stripes pattern penned by Jeff Koons.

Audi A4

Audi has forged its legendary quattro all-wheel-drive system through relentless campaigns across various race series including rallying, Le Mans and touring cars. The A4 saloon is the ideal candidate to compete in the BTCC and looks purposeful in the brand’s established silver and red paint job. In damp, tricky conditions, those four powered wheels are sure to be a big help.

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Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo has a strong reputation in BTCC and won outright in 2000 with Alain Menu at the wheel. A modern version would feature the new model’s larger body and Aston Martin-inspired grille. More important, however, is the bright yellow and blue paint scheme that immediately catches the eye. Under the bonnet could be one of Ford’s highly commended EcoBoost turbocharged engines.

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Honda Civic Concept

The new Honda Civic’s final design is yet to be confirmed but, based on the company’s near-production ready concept, our design should be fairly accurate. Honda is another company with a proud racing heritage and has contested recent touring car championships in a Type R version of the outgoing Civic. Our model features the proposed new body style with in-your-face orange livery.

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Renault Megane Sport Tourer

Renault no longer sells a big family car in Britain since the brand restructured its lineup a few years ago to focus on more profitable models. While this means we’re unlikely to see the return of the Laguna, the Megane Sport Tourer estate might be the ideal car to fill that gap. Its stretched hatchback body style is much closer to the majority of the cars the brand sells and, to our eyes, looks pretty slick in Renault’s yellow and blue livery.

Read up on what we know so far about the Renault Megane Sport Tourer.

Peugeot 508

Two-tone colour schemes seemed pretty popular on the touring cars of the ’90s and the Peugeot 406 was no exception. The modern day 508 saloon looks just as handsome in the brand’s gold and green livery with the chromed grille finishing the look. On the road, the 508 might not be able to match the sales success of the Mondeo and VW Passat, but a few wins in the BTCC might soon reverse its fortunes.

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Vauxhall Insignia

Vauxhall has been a staunch competitor in the BTCC for many years and, with various drivers, has brought home plenty of silverware. It might be approaching the end of its life but the Vauxhall Insignia still looks mean in full touring car guise. Our version has the racy white and yellow livery that’s graced plenty of successful Vauxhall racing cars including the Calibra, Vectra and Astra.

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