Coronavirus: remote car-buying help launched

  • See dealers with remote-buying features
  • Home test-drives offered
  • Video tours of the cars you’re interested in
  • 100% remote purchase possible
  • Delivery drivers will disinfect car ahead of handover
  • Video handovers offered, too

You can now see which dealers are offering a contact-free buying service on carwow. When you sign up to see offers from carwow’s trusted dealers you can see which ones are offering features to help you buy a car during the coronavirus crisis.

Features that you can now easily see include:

Home test-drives offered
Video tours of the cars you’re interested in
100% remote purchase

Dealers can also offer a ‘Delivery & Disinfection’ service. When a new car is delivered to your door the delivery driver will spray and wipe down the interior, keys and door handles.

Customers are also given the choice of a video handover to demonstrate the controls and features of their new car while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

A ‘Deliver & Disinfect’ service is beginning to be implemented to cope with COVID-19.

The delivery driver will also drop documents through your letterbox, meaning the whole process can be a zero-contact buying experience.

“It’s evident that there is, understandably, concern among consumers about visiting dealerships,” said James Hind, CEO of carwow.

“That’s why we’ve worked quickly to add functionality to our website so buyers can now easily identify which dealers are remotely supporting the search-to-purchase journey, helping them buy with confidence from the security of their own home, if they choose.”

This new service has been launched off the back of carwow research that shows 54% of respondents still intended to change their car in the not-too-distant future, despite the coronavirus outbreak.

54% of people carwow asked haven’t changed their plans to get a new car.

The survey also confirms that social interaction and exposure fears are a barrier – nearly 30% of people surveyed called for home-delivered test drives and 28% would like a home delivery service for their purchased car.

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