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DS 4 Hatchback and Crossback sizes and dimensions guide

Searching for a change from the German premium hatchback norm? There aren’t many alternatives to choose from, but one of the most credible options comes in the swoopy shape of the DS 4.

Now a standalone brand from its Citroen parent, the DS range features improved materials and unique styling touches lift the quality levels on a par with the likes of the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 Sportback.

We’ve taken a look at how the DS 4 will fare as a practical everyday vehicle by studying its dimensions in detail.

DS 4 external dimensions

With the DS 4 hatchback and Crossback aimed towards the premium hatch segment, the pair are relatively compact on the road. It’s a matter of millimeters taller, longer and wider than the Volkswagen Golf, and the differences are so minute that you’ll hardly notice even with the two parked side-by-side.

Thanks to the Crossback’s raised suspension and standard-fit roof rails, it stands 33mm taller than the regular DS 4.

DS 4 external dimensions
Length 4,284mm
Width 1,810mm
Height 1,502mm (Crossback 1,535mm)
Wheelbase 2,612mm

DS 4 interior dimensions

Up front, the cabin of the DS 4 is a lovely place to sit. The dashboard is attractive and almost built to a standard on a par with the Volkswagen Golf, while there’s plenty of space for taller drivers to get comfortable.

Unfortunately, rear seat passengers are sold a little short. The swoopy roofline which lends the DS 4 its sporty exterior profile compromises headroom, so those nudging six foot tall will find headroom at a premium. That’s assuming they’ve managed to get in with their dignity intact – the rear doors are tiny and oddly shaped, so any adult will find climbing in a bit of a faff. The small doors mean that the rear windows don’t wind down at all, which might irritate some. When we tested the DS 4 Crossback in 2016 we occasionally stabbed ourselves in the chest with the rear windows when opening the back doors…

DS 4 boot space

With 385 litres out back, the DS 4 is offers a big bottle of water’s worth of extra volume compared to a Volkswagen Golf or SEAT Leon. Fold the rear seats down, however, and practicality swings a full 249 litres in favour of the Volkswagen.

A high-end Denon sound system is available for the DS 4 as a £450 option. The sound quality got the thumbs up from us when we sampled it on the car’s launch, but the subwoofer in the boot takes up 26 litres of volume. Despite this, the DS 4 remains more practical than a Ford Focus, but it’s worth bearing in mind before you tick that box on the options list.

DS 4 boot space
Seats up 385 litres (359 with Denon Hi-Fi)
Seats down 1,021 litres (995 with Denon Hi-Fi)

DS 4 turning circle and fuel tank capacity

A tight turning circle allows drivers to perform manoeuvres in tight spaces more easily, be it reversing into a parking space or turning in the road. The DS 4 achieves a useful result of 10.7 metres, so it’s slightly more nimble than a Golf.

The most frugal model in the range are the 74.3mpg-rated 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesels. Match that figure on a long run, and a 60-litre tank means that an impressive 980-mile range should be possible between fill-ups.

DS 4 turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 10.7 metres
Fuel tank 60 litres

DS 4 weight

Ideally, we all want a car to weigh as little as possible. Less weight means better performance, sharper handling and higher mpg figures. In this respect, the DS 4 is pretty typical of its class, weighing from 1,255kg to 1,420kg depending on engine and gearbox type.

DS 4 weights
Lightest Heaviest
1,255kg (1.2 Puretech 130) 1,420kg (2.0 BlueHDI 180 Auto)

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£17,915 - £30,250
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DS DS 4 Crossback

Taller version of the DS 4 gives you a better view out
£23,660 - £28,450
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