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Euro 2016 football cars: what the teams should drive

National football teams from European countries will be limbering up for the 2016 UEFA European Championships. They’ll have to take their kits, their national anthem and their coaches with them but we wondered – what cars would they take if they had to and how would they modify them to grab the most headlines?

We’ve picked 10 competing nations and created a car that best represents each of them. We know few cars can truly be considered a singular national product anymore – different parts from most cars are made all across the world – so we’re sticking to the manufacturer’s country of origin for this list.

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Spain – SEAT Leon Cupra 290

Hailing from sunny Spain is the SEAT Leon Cupra 290. This unhinged hot hatch held the front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap record recently and Spain’s football team will be hoping to channel some of its speed and agility when they’re out on the pitch.

Germany – Mercedes-AMG GT R

Handsome, speedy and devastatingly efficient – words that apply equally well to the German national football team and the Mercedes-AMG GT R. That said, the roar of the German fans may be the only thing that can drown out the AMG’s monstrous V8 rumble.

France – Bugatti Chiron

In the never-ending game of automotive one-upmanship, France might just have clinched the win with the Bugatti Chiron. The home nation fields this 1,479hp four-wheel drive rocket and hopes its football players can similarly outclass their opponents so emphatically.

Northern Ireland – DeLorean DMC-12

“You made an automotive football mascot – out of a DeLorean!?”. Marty McFly might have used his DMC-12 to travel all over time and space but – being assembled in Northern Ireland – the ’80s wedge makes a great representative for its home country.

Romania – Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster might be the kind of car you buy with your sensible hat on but that doesn’t mean you can’t marvel at its breadth of talent. Surprisingly spacious, very fuel efficient and outrageously well priced, it’s everything the Romanian team isn’t.

England – Jaguar F-Type SVR Cabriolet

Emulating the growl of the team’s three lion mascots, England brings the Jaguar F-Type SVR Cabriolet – complete with its sonorous 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine. The F-Type has been a massive success so the team hopes its winning spirit will rub off on them.

Italy – Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Nothing can match the pomp and ceremony afforded to the latest Ferrari LaFerrari Spider – the convertible version of the firm’s range-topping hypercar. We’re sure the Italian side doesn’t mind being upstaged by it, however – at least all eyes will pointed in their direction.

Czech Republic – Skoda Kodiaq

While the Skoda Kodiaq hasn’t been officially revealed, we’re sure the Czech team would want their supporters chanting for this super-sensible SUV. Like most of Skoda’s range and the Czech national team, its balance of talents gives it a great chance against rivals.

Sweden – Koenigsegg One:1

While France might have the Chiron, it still can’t match the power to weight ratio of this psychopathic Swede. The Koenigsegg One:1 even makes it clear in its name what position its national team is aiming for in the championships.

Russia – Lada Riva

You might think we’re being unkind by picking a somewhat subdued Lada for Russia among a field of supercar challengers but, don’t be fooled, the Lada Riva is one of the nation’s most iconic designs. Its admirable steadfastness should help inspire the Russian team to victory.

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