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The five best excuses to buy a new car

Should you buy a new car? It’s a question many of us have asked at some point or another. With prices for nearly new and used cars lower than the sparkly model in the showroom, it may be tempting to go down the pre-owned route.

However, there are plenty of reasons to buy a new car, whether it be for sound, financial reasons, or indeed a decision influenced by slightly more churlish factors…

Regardless, we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why new is the best for you.

1 – Peace of mind

Buying a used car can have the occasional pitfall. As cars age and pile on the miles, even those with the greatest reputations for reliability will start to go wrong more frequently. That’s even before you’ve considered how the previous owner treated the car. They might have driven with fists of ham, used the bumpers as battering rams, or they simply might not have taken the same care and love that you might want to.

Of course, you might counter with ‘ah, but things can still go wrong on new cars, too!’ – and you’d be absolutely right. However, you’ll receive the full benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty, while the low mileage means it will be ages before you have to worry about consumable items expiring. Add in the fact that the car will be immaculate – with not a single dent, scratch or blemish anywhere – you should be happy for a long time.

2 – Get exactly the spec you want

Have you ever bought a used car and thought “I wish it had a whatsisname” or “why didn’t the first owner ask for a so and so?” Well perhaps you’d much prefer to buy new! That way, you can specify as many whatsisnames and so and sos as you like. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t go into a restaurant and have something sent to your table that wasn’t quite what you asked for, so why settle for any less on a purchase as expensive as a car?

3 – Keep up with the Joneses

You can kid yourself all you want that you’re buying a car because it’s safe, economical and because you got a great deal. But we all know there’s always just a little part of us that wants to show off, too.

Having a shiny new car on the drive with the latest year’s age identifier on the number plate lets the neighbours know you’re doing well, and everyone likes to feel just a little bit smug every once in a while…

From a serious point of view, having the latest car means that you’ll also be benefiting from the latest technology. Every year, manufacturers produce faster, more efficient cars, so buying the very latest models will reward your pocket as well as your pride.

4 – There’s always deals to be had!

In order to tempt customers into brand new vehicles, car companies frequently offer competitive deals. These might range from free insurance or fuel to discounts on typical finance rates through Personal Contract Purchase or Personal Contract Hire deals. It’s worth bearing in mind that some of the less polluting cars on the road are free to tax for the first year, too.

Beyond that, firms might just offer big cash discounts on their range. Take a look at our deals page to see how much you could save. It’s the easiest way to get that new car smell. Which brings us onto our last advantage to new car ownership…

5 – Nobody has farted in the driver’s seat before

Nor will you find any bogies behind the steering wheel!

Now go buy one!

Head over to our car configurator to see how much carwow could save you on your dream (fart-free) car. Or, for more options, check out our deals page to see our latest discounts.

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