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How many Lego bricks does it take to build a lifesize Explorer?

You'd need precisely 382,858. Oh and 22 designers spending 2,500 hours constructing it. Though If you were going to build a Lego replica of a car, wouldn't it be something a little more exciting than an Explorer? Well yes, but the reason behind this madness is a partnership between Ford and Legoland Florida for the opening of a new themepark in October.

Lego Ford Explorer Back

It was actually built at Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant and weighs half the amount of the real thing. It'll be displayed in front of a Ford driving school for children at Legoland, where children drive Lego cars through city streets at a whopping speed of 3mph and earn a 'driver's license'. At least now there will be something for the dad's to enjoy for a couple of nanoseconds.

Check out a timelapse video of the car being built: