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Ford Reveals Europe’s Trendiest Car Colours

Regardless of the variety of vibrant colours on offer, according to a study by Ford, black, white and silver are the most popular colours in Europe. So, no real surprises there, however Ford also provide some interesting country specific colour trends.
France and Italy appear to favour cream colours, reflecting their strong café cultures. Swedes are prone to orange more than any other nation, and although Ireland is traditionally associated with green, they prefer silver cars and are in fact the third least likely nation to purchase a green car.
The Czech Republic was the only country where a colour other than black, white or silver came out on top, with blue being the most fashionable. Interestingly, Czech’s also choose the highest percentage of red cars, mirroring the dominant blue and red colours of their flag.
In Turkey, almost 50% of new Ford buyers choose white, which is far more than any other nation. They also picked the lowest percentage of black vehicles, which makes sense as it’s not a practical colour in the heat. In contrast, Denmark favoured black and were the least likely to opt for white cars.
Some other insights came out of the study. Small, but growing numbers of buyers are choosing brown, copper and other earthy tones, Julie Francis (of Ford Europe’s colour and material design team) says “It took people a little while to warm up to the brown hues; they had previously been perceived as ‘old fashioned’ – think 70s, 80s. But the brown tones are making a comeback in fashion, interior furniture, and now automotive.”
As an aside, we did a post on the increasing popularity of brown cars back in December titled ‘Would You Ever Buy a Brown Car?’.
Ford say they are keen to offer more unique colours due to the success of ‘Hot Magenta’ (bright red) and ‘Squeeze’ (bright green) on the Fiesta.
With their new Ford Focus being available in striking shades like ‘Candy Yellow’, ‘Candy Red’, ‘Mars Red’ and ‘Tangerine Scream’, perhaps some new colour trends will begin to emerge next year.
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