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Giveacar: The charitable way to get rid of your car

Weve known about Giveacar for a while, and what a great concept it is. The idea is to donate your unwanted cars at no cost or hassle to yourself, and have it disposed of it in an environmentally friendly fashion, with proceeds from scrappage going to charity. Simple.


The concept of car donation is popular in the US and raises billions of dollars for charity annually, but since British citizens are not eligible for the same sort of tax breaks, we just arent as aware of the option of car donation and probably dont put enough thought into what happens to our cars once we chuck them. Giveacar aims to fix this.


Founded by 24 year year old graduate Tom Chance, Giveacar has been around for just over a year now, and in that time has raised more than 200,000 for over 250 charities. It offers charities a previously untapped source of donations and a new method of fundraising. Clearly its an idea which works.


According to Giveacar, around two million cars come off the roads every year in the UK and 50% of these are not disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Abandoned vehicles are left to leach heavy metals, hazardous fluids and toxins into the ground, whilst oil and other liquids are poured down drains and end up in our water systems.


Sending your car to a dodgy scrapyard could mean your unroadworthy car is illegally put back into circulation, causing obvious safety risks on the road.


Luckily, through Giveacar and its car salvage partner, you can be confident this wont happen. All its scrap vehicles are sent to an Authorised Treatment Facility which guarantees that 85% of a vehicles weight is recovered, reused and recycled, with pollutants being handled to the highest environmental standards.


After theyve collected your car, youll receive a notice telling you how much has been donated to a charity of your choice from the proceeds of your vehicle. Each car donates an average of 80 for charity.


If you own a car (or motorbike, which Giveacar now accepts) coming to the end of its life, make a difference and donate it to a good cause. Its safe, green, and wont cost you a penny!


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