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Halloween Special! 5 easy ways to dress your car to distress

Weve put together 5 spooktacular ways to make sure your car dresses to distress this Halloween… lets just hope it doesnt lead to a car crash!

1. Creepy decals/stickers

Cover your windows (apart from those you actually need to see out of) with bloody handprints and smears, other creepy paraphenalia for the exterior like smoke, fire, bats etc.
If youre lucky enough to own a very nice car, make people wince by putting fake scratches on it. Or even better, prank your showoff neighbour whose car is their pride and joy and watch them howl!

2. Body in the boot

Slamming bodyparts in the windows or boot is standard and works a treat. A severed arm or leg sticking out of the trunk will send shivers peoples spines…

3. Devilish passengers

Nows the time to bring your skeletons out of the closet. Seat them in the backseat, not forgetting the all important seatbelt, alongside a creepy stuffed ghoul and spook your passengers!

4. Skull decor

Skulls are de rigeaeur on Halloween, so why not get hold of some haunting skull shift knobs, door knobs or even valve stem covers. Hang skulls from the rear-view mirror together with shrunken heads and strings of garlic.

5. Fangs on the grille

Get creative and add some fangs or monster teeth to your grille.
Hope those give you some ideas! Why not dress the part too when youre driving and play some haunting tunes to really get some stares…
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