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Video – Ultimate car control!

Ken Block shows off his impressive skills by drifting a Ford Focus RS around a very tough Gymkhana track.

Ken Block’s one of the founders of the fashion brand DC Shoes, and is also well-known on the rally scene. This is the 3rd Gymkhana promotional video he’s done, and is easily the best.

Wondering what a Gymkhana track is? First off, it’s got nothing to do with horses! It’s a type of motorsport track. It consists of obstacles set on a course that must be driven around, often with a gratuitous use of handbrake turns. The aim, of course, is to set the fastest time to complete the circuit.

The Gymkhana track in the video is a particularly tricky one, including tight turns on a very steep embankment.

The video also include shots of him drifting round a moving Segway, which has the words ‘Obama can’t gymkhana’ on it. We’re not sure either…


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