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Lexus RC and RC F colour guide and prices

The Lexus RC offers buyers in the four-seat premium coupe market a left-field choice when compared to rivals like the Audi A5 and Mercedes C-Class Coupe. Comfortable, refined and beautifully built, there are plenty of good reasons beyond those striking looks that justify a second look against the German regulars in this segment. Check out all the different RC specifications here.

Lexus provides customers with a choice of 11 exterior paint finishes for the RC. From the subtle to the downright lairy, we’ll run through each, accompanied by images and prices.

Solid paint finishes

If the thought of paying beyond the list price to simply have some colour applied to a car troubles you, then fortunately Lexus has you covered – the RC is offered with a single no-cost option paint finish.

Velvet Black (£0)

As the second most popular car colour choice among UK buyers (behind white) a black car is likely to be just as desirable among second-hand shoppers.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however that black cars can be something of a chore to keep looking their best, and scuffs and scratches to the paintwork will stand out like a cheap toupee.

Metallic paint finishes

The addition of thousands of tiny metal flakes into a paint mixture helps to add greater depth to the finish. It looks more expensive, and it is – Lexus charges an extra £625 above the standard gloss choice.

Satin Silver (£625)

Available exclusively for Premium and Luxury trim levels, Satin Silver will be a great choice for those who haven’t the time or patience to wash their car regularly. Silver – particularly one with a subtly gold tint like this – is one of the best choices for hiding dirt.

Sonic White (£625)

From a practical point of view, Sonic White has one big positive and arguably an even larger negative to consider. Such a bright colour helps to keep the car cool on a hot day, making life just a little more comfortable for everyone inside. On the downside, white cars are notoriously difficult to keep clean. They are, however, very popular on the used car market, so dealers and private buyers will likely offer strong money.

Mercury Grey (£625)

Metallic grey is a hugely popular choice among buyers of premium cars, so any Lexus RC specced in this colour should deliver a strong return on the initial £625 investment. It won’t be much hassle to keep looking clean, too.

Sonic Titanium (£625)

A lighter shade than Mercury Grey, similar benefits apply to Sonic Titanium: strong residuals and reasonably long washing intervals should make for a desirable yet sensible option.

Celestial Black (£625)

If the standard gloss black option looks a little too plain for your tastes, the good news is that for a little extra cash Celestial Black adds a metallic flake which makes it ‘pop’ much better in sunny weather. You’ll really need to keep it very clean to see the benefits, though…

Sonic Red (£625)

Sonic Red is likely to be a less common choice than the range of greys and silvers on offer, but values on the used market shouldn’t differ drastically from the others here. It’s worth keeping it clean to keep it at its best though!

Solar Flare (£625)

This lively shade is only available for the Sport trim level and the BMW M4-baiting RC F. Applied to the latter, the tough task is working out which is louder: the paint finish or the 470hp V8 under the bonnet?

Azure Blue (£625)

As with Solar Flare, Azure Blue is exclusively available with Sport and RC F variants. Residual values are expected to remain strong relative to the other choices within the RC range.

F-sport White (£625)

The performance-oriented RC F is offered with its own particular white paint scheme. It’s likely to be a big hit with buyers, but one thing’s for sure: it’s one of the most high maintenance option boxes you’ll ever tick when buying a new car.

Sonic Silver (£625)

Another RC F-exclusive option, Sonic Silver’s subtlety should mean that it’ll generate plenty of interest when the time comes to sell. Until that time comes, there shouldn’t be too much effort with a sponge require to keep it looking tidy.

Found your perfect hue?

If you’ve found your perfect colour match, take a look at the Lexus RC deals page to see how much carwow could help you save. If you still need help picking you next car, our car chooser can help you decide!

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