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Coffee Break: Pastor Maldonado Forgets He’s Driving An F1 Car

Pastor Maldonado does not have a good record in F1. Nicknamed "Crashtor", he's had contact with just about every driver on the grid and has set a record for the most number of grid slot penalties in a single season for any driver. He even once crashed an F1 car during a solo demonstration run on the streets of Caracas.

The move from a poor Williams team to an up-and-coming Lotus outfit has backfired dramatically too, as rule changes have pushed his old team up to the podium while he continues to tour round until retirement ahead of only the newest teams.

Following a dreadful showing at Bahrain, where he carelessly put Esteban Gutierrez's Sauber upside down (and blamed the Mexican), his Chinese outing this weekend has been pretty dismal – failing to qualify due to reliability woes and crashing in the pitlane during practice.

But few things compare to this absent-minded piece of driving from one of the world's supposed top 22 drivers as, distracted by his steering wheel, he fails to notice the corner has come to an end and he steers his own car clean off the circuit.

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