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A photographic look at the incredible McLaren Factory

We take a look at the stunning new McLaren Production Centre, where the new MP4-12C is created. The factory looks a bit like a mix between a modern art gallery, sci-fi set and operating surgery.

The production centre (the rectangular building on the right), is next to McLaren’s Technology Centre. The factory cost £50m to build and is spread out over 32,000 sq m.

There is a complete absence of any natural light. Light comes from fluorescent lighting in the ceiling.

The factory was opened earlier this month by David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister.

Over 350 highly-skilled jobs have been created by the factory.

The only  colour come from the different shades of paint ordered by customers.

The uniforms for factory technicians were designed by Hugo Boss.

To preserve the blindingly white floor, all fork-lift trucks are fitted with white tyres.

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