New site lets you sell your empty car seats

Blablacar is a new carpooling site which has just launched in the UK. It may have a silly name, but it aims to reduce the cost of car ownership by allowing drivers to earn money from passengers who want to make the same journey that theyre already planning.

As a driver you can post the details and time of your upcoming journeys. Next comes the money-earning part, you set the amount youd like to charge people for sharing the ride.

A quick look at how much drivers are charging for a seat from London to Manchester shows the average is around 18 per seat. So if you could sell two spare seats it could help contribute towards the fuel costs.

As a passenger youll have all the details before buying a ride; what car youd be travelling in, if smoking is permitted and whether pets are welcome. You can also read reviews of each driver and what trips they have advertised before.

The company has been running a French version of the site since 2006 and has over 1 million drivers and passengers registered. Blablacar has only just launched in the UK but already claims to have a couple of thousand members.


Though unlikely to ever be a big money-earner for car owners, this site could definitely be of use if you regularly make long journeys with an empty car. Our biggest problem is that charging people to ride in your car means that youre essentially acting as a Taxi driver, so surely there are some legal and insurance implications.