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Potential new design for traffic lights


The design of our traffic lights is a very functional one. Its obvious whether you can go, or should stop. This concept for an improved traffic light design is not only stylish, but also offers more information to drivers.

The designer, Thanva Tivawong, is from Thailand and calls his design Sand Glass.

The concept is clearly based on the egg timer, and shows drivers how long they have to wait. It shows how much time is left till the lights change by showing pixels dropping down, as well an incorporating a numerical count-down. The aim is to stop people accelerating to rush through, and to tell people how long they will be stationary for.

There are a couple of countries that already show a count-down until the lights change, such as Turkey, but none of those systems are nearly as stylish as this one.

There is an obvious flaw with it though. Anyone who is colour blind is going to have problems. Hence the reason we have three lights in three different positions, rather than having a single light which changes colour.

Source: Brand DNA





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