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The carwow Dealer of the Month is…

Our top priority at carwow is providing a great experience for all customers. We only work with dealers who share this goal, and want to celebrate those that provide truly excellent customer service.

Each month, we’ll be highlighting a great carwow dealer, based on customer reviews, sales figures, and conversion rates.

Our first Dealer of the Month is…

Zeinab Salem from Mercedes-Benz of Grimsby

Mercedes of Grimsby is part of the Listers Motor Group. Zeinab was one of the first dealers to join carwow, and has been the top-selling dealer nearly every month since she joined. She’s also got great stats to back up her sales numbers: nearly 70% of her calls convert to sales – compared to the site-wide average of 25% – and she has almost 400 five-star reviews from carwow customers!

We spoke to Zeinab about her experience with carwow and she shared some tips on how to get the most out of using carwow.

1. In your experience, how does carwow compare to the traditional way of selling cars?

carwow is a fantastic and innovative way for customers to compare deals available in the marketplace, and it makes dealers fight harder for their precious business.

This competition for business is not only based on price, but on service – levels of which are easily compared by reading the reviews for each dealer that makes them an offer. Car buyers are so much better informed now, and it’s likely that they’ve chosen the make and model of car they want to buy next before they even step foot in a showroom – they simply need to make an informed and educated decision about who to buy the car from. The motor trade will always need sales people because people need and want guidance from a real person, but they also want to choose to buy from someone they like and trust.

Mercedes-Benz Grimsby sold 33 C-Classes in Q3 2015 alone!

2. How could we make carwow better for dealers?

A couple of things I think we need are the ability to turn on an ‘out of office’ response to new messages, which does not turn off new outgoing offers. We all need a day off, and can catch back up with those messages the next day. Customers don’t mind waiting as long as they know why they haven’t had a reply! It could even be a holding message that simply says that at peak times the response may be slower than usual.

3. How do buyers that come through carwow compare to the typical new car buyer? How quickly do they convert, and how much selling do you have to do?

Customers coming through carwow are no different to customers walking into the dealership – they’re just often better researched, and further along in the buying cycle. Because they’re further along they want quicker response times, and if you’re not quick, you’re likely to lose their business to the next best offer! Contrary to this, some people use carwow as a tool for researching prices for several months, before they consider picking up the phone and contacting one of the dealers that made them an offer. That’s the beauty of it – they choose their own pace!

An SL 65 AMG costing £180,000 is one of the most expensive cars ever sold through carwow

4. What tips can you share with other carwow dealers on how to get the most out of our system?

I just recommend having a slick process in place for looking after your orders. If the back end is taken care of, the sales will keep coming. Get a backlog of problems with existing orders and you won’t be able to be effective with new business. I started back in October 2013 on my own, responding to carwow enquiries in my own time, and I’ve since built a team of four people dedicated solely to selling and delivering carwow deals. Along the way I’ve learnt that we get more experienced and have a better process with each day.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and effort – and we still get it wrong sometimes – but I’m proud of how we operate. The carwow team has been very helpful, and have listened and made changes regularly according to our feedback. They’re there to help, so use them to help you sell more cars!

Could you be our next dealer of the month?

If you think you’re the next Zeinab – or just want help making the most of carwow – get in touch through your carwow Brand Expert. We’re here to help!

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