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Pokemon cars – cute car-toon mashup or unholy alliance?

The launch of the Pokemon Go mobile game has seen grown adults rediscover their inner children and gamers rediscover the outside world. This insanely popular game has spread like wildfire through communities and is possibly the single biggest threat to productivity our office has faced since we started having gin for breakfast. We wish. Despite the attraction of a Zapdos in a nearby park, we managed to get our heads together to do the only thing we know how – mash up our favourite Pokemon with our favourite cars. Why? Because we can! Epic win or an offence to your eyeballs? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below.

Pikachu – Nissan Juke

Pikachu is arguably the most iconic Pokemon so it deserves to be reimagined as another true icon. The Nissan Juke is a trendsetting compact SUV with the kind of quirky styling not previously found in the segment, making it the perfect companion to the game’s poster child. Details including the little red dots on its cheeks and its lightning bolt-shaped tail all translate perfectly to this characterful crossover.

Squirtle – Volkswagen Beetle

If you had one of the very early Game Boy versions, chances are you had a Squirtle at one point. This water-based Pokemon has the kind of charmingly rotund dimensions that instantly put one in mind of the Volkswagen Beetle. The body mimics the hump of Squirtle’s shell while the front bumper features a reflection of its tongue. Cute or what? Actually, don’t answer that.

Bulbasaur – Range Rover Evoque Convertible

If you didn’t choose Squirtle on the original Game Boy version then you might’ve fallen into Bulbasaur’s camp. This plant-based Pokemon carries a large plant bulb on its back which puts us immediately in mind of the retractable fabric roof fitted to the latest Range Rover Convertible. Obviously. If the roof doesn’t convince you, one look at the Evoque’s chunky dimensions and Bulbasaur’s stocky build demonstrates they’re cut from the same cloth.

Charmander – Porsche Cayman

The final option in the original Game Boy trio is the fiery Charmander. This compact little lizard-like character might not look very intimidating but it possesses truly giant killing abilities. Just like Charmander, the Porsche Cayman looks compact and neatly proportioned on the outside but, in the heat of competition, will decimate anything that’s brought anything less than its A-game.

Meowth – Mercedes-AMG GT R

Meowth and Team Rocket are the long-time antagonists of the Pokemon universe. Fast and agile, anything bearing Meowth’s image needs to live up to his cat-like reflexes but also his ability to exit a tricky situation at explosive speeds. Naturally, the only cat car for the job was the bonkers Mercedes-AMG GT R – the ideal choice to help Team Rocket blast off again.

Jigglypuff – Fiat 500

Jigglypuff is fondly remembered for following the series’ characters around and sending them to sleep at awkward moments. While nothing about the Fiat 500 is likely to do the same – unless you play Enya on repeat on the stereo – its dinky, rounded bodywork immediately puts us in mind of this immensely charming character, especially once fitted with its puffy tail and unique shade of pink.

Snorlax – Porsche Macan

While Jigglypuff sends people to sleep, Snorlax is a Pokemon who needs no such help. Spending almost all its time in the horizontal position, its profile reminds us of the Porsche Macan compact SUV. Like Snorlax, the Macan packs an almightly punch once provoked and can easily best cars with similar stats thanks to its steadfast grip and unbreakable traction.

Mewtwo – Lexus LC500

Mewtwo was, unlike most Pokemon, forged in the realm of science by artificial means. If any car was to reflect its advanced origins, the Lexus LC500 is an ideal candidate. Taking the best of the firm’s hybrid technology and blending it with its latest drivetrain developments, the LC500 is the ideal choice to reflect Mewtwo’s divided origin between science and nature. No contest.

Lapras – Nissan Figaro

Lapras is Pokemon’s gentle giant of the sea – rarely seen but often appreciated. For us, the only car fitting that bill is the absolutely endearing Nissan Figaro – a delightfully retro little sports car based on a Micra. At the front sits Lapras’ prominent horn while the roof has been reshaped to mimic its distinctive knobbly shell.

Togepi – Mazda RX-8

What Togepi lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in charm. Likewise, what the 1.3-litre rotary engined Mazda RX-8 lacks in capacity, it makes up for with sheer power. The rotary-engined sports car is the perfect pairing for Togepi thanks to the triangle rotor motifs that appear throughout its design which, casting a glance over the egg-shaped Pokémon, are instantly reminiscent of the triangular markings on its shell.

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