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Porsche’s $1 million advent calendar



While we normally get our advent calendars from Tesco, if you’re uber rich you could get your advent calendar this year from Porsche Design. It’ll cost you a cool $1 million. Wondering what on earth is in it? So were we!

The box it comes in looks smart enough, like some huge quasi mobile phone. However it’s what inside that is really special. Porsche hasn’t revealed exactly what the present for each day is, but we can disclose a few of them.

For starters, one day’s box will include a full Porsche Design kitchen. Custom built to your requirements. No promises to fit it in time for Christmas though!

Other gifts include a $225,000 rose gold watch, some pens and a Porsche Design luggage set. Plus some naff sounding sunglasses, which are made out of 18ct gold. Not bad, eh?


The icing on the cake is a $360,000 yacht. It’s a beauty, and with a 525hp engine it promises the sort of performance that Porsche is renowned for.

Only 5 of these calendars are available to buy, there’s currently still one for sale on the ground floor of Harrods. You better hurry though, it’s the first day of December, so you’ll be wanting to open the first door!

Apparently it doesn’t contain any chocolate though, so you may still want that Tesco advent calendar as well…



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