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New Range Rover - Available in the Strangest Colours

As we were ogling the new Range Rover on Land Rovers website, we came across something rather bizarre.
You may remember TVRs of old that - with their pearlescent paint schemes - appeared to change colour before your very eyes depending on what angle you were looking at the car from, and the prevailing ambient lighting.
Range Rover Spectral Blue
Well, it looks as though Land Rovers taken a leaf out of TVRs book, as listed under the new Rangies colour options are six specteral colours.
Range Rover Spectral Green
Without any more information to go on - other than the thumbnails and that fact theyre listed as legitimate colours on the companys own site - we cant say exactly what the colours look like in the flesh, or how much theyll cost as an option.
Odds are its a lot, though.
Magagascar Orange Rnage Rover
Range Rover Spectral Red
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