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Rimac Nevera review — the 1,914hp electric hypercar driven

June 09, 2021 by

Mat’s had a go in the new 1900hp Rimac Nevera. It’s insanely quick in a straight line, but is this electric hypercar actually any fun to drive?

Rimac Nevera specs

4x electric motors; 1 per wheel
Power: 1914hp
Torque: 2300Nm
Top speed: 258mph
0-60mph: 1.97sec

Rimac Nevera design

The Rimac Nevera might be powered by a massive 120kWh battery and four electric motors, but that doesn’t mean it misses out on the sleek, low-slung proportions we’ve come to associate with exotic high-performance supercars.

Its aggressive front end is choc-full of dramatic scoops, cooling vents and air intakes; and there’s carbon-fibre all over the show. Its 20-inch alloys perhaps aren’t as large as you’d expect them to be, but they look fantastic and sit in front of some powerful carbon-ceramic brakes.

Round the back, there’s even more carbon fibre (the whole body is made from the stuff), as well as a large spoiler that raises and lowers depending on how quickly you’re driving. There’s a huge rear diffuser with an active venturi tunnel too – all of which is designed to keep Nevera pinned to the road at high speed.

Ultimately, in the world of outlandish hypercars the Nevera’s styling actually comes across as fairly reserved – but that’s no bad thing. For what it’s worth, we think it looks fantastic.

Rimac Nevera interior

With the exception of the Audi R8-sourced air-conditioning unit, everything in the Rimac Nevera’s interior is completely bespoke – you’ll find no switches or stalks from mainstream manufacturers hanging around in here. Instead, it’s all luxurious leathers, sporty-feeling Alcantara and exposed carbon-fibre, which is as it should be in a £1.7million hypercar.

The driving position is fantastically low-slung, but despite this, it’s still really easy to get in and out of the Nevera. That’s definitely not something you can say about every hypercar you might come across (McLaren Senna, we’re looking at you). Meanwhile, the digital instrument panel and Rimac’s own infotainment system all look sharp and work well, even if we’d have preferred a lighter colour scheme.

Luggage space isn’t too great, but when has practicality ever been the calling card of a high-end hypercar? You get a 100-litre boot at the back of the car, but it’s pretty shallow due to the positioning of the batteries. You’ll definitely need to invest in Rimac’s custom-designed luggage kit if you want to make the most of it.

Our only real gripes with the Nevera’s interior is that the air vents look a wee bit plasticky in contrast to the rest of the car, and the fact that the touchscreen is used to control absolutely everything inside the car. Want to adjust the seats? You’ll have to use the screen. The same goes for the steering wheel and the air conditioning too.

Rimac Nevera driving

Let’s make no bones about it: the Rimac Nevera is an extremely exciting car to drive. With an insane 1914hp and 2300Nm on tap, it is lightspeed quick – Rimac claims it’ll hit 60mph from a standstill in less than 2 seconds. In fact, Rimac claims it’s the fastest accelerating production car on the planet.

It’s not just fun in a straight line, though. Rimac has engineered in a drift mode, so you can behave like a complete lunatic and pull off huge, easily controllable powerslides on the track if you fancy. With a motor at each wheel, it can deploy its immense power with exceptional precision too, all of which makes it incredibly nimble and grippy when you’re on a twisty road.

The Rimac Nevera has you covered when you want to travel at a more relaxed pace, too. Visibility is good, and its suspension is very comfortable. Throttle response is also really smooth, so it’s an extremely easy car to drive around town – even with all that power under your right foot.

Rimac Nevera verdict


Put quite simply, the Rimac Nevera is the most exciting electric vehicle on the planet. It’s phenomenally expensive, but its performance is out of this world. If you have the means, go right ahead and buy it.

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