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SEAT Alhambra colours guide and prices

The SEAT Alhambra was updated in 2015 to make this popular MPV an even better buy. It isn’t the sort of vehicle people usually buy out of choice, but rather out of necessity – with a few kids in tow a spacious car like this is a lifesaver.

However, the recent refresh has made it more stylish, so it makes sense to pay attention to the colour choices if you’re going to buy an Alhambra.

Here’s our guide to the colours available for the latest Alhambra along with their prices, so you won’t be getting any unpleasant surprises when it comes round to placing an order. Remember to read our guide to the types of car paint available too.

Solid colours

Non-metallic is another way of saying these are solid colours, and unfortunately you only have the choice of two. The choice is even poorer if you don’t want to pay extra for paint as well, as only one of the two is a no-cost option.

Urano Grey (£0)

Considering this is the only no-cost paint option in the Alhambra lineup, it’s surprising you don’t see too many in this attractive grey. Unlike some solid greys, this one doesn’t look like primer, which is obviously a good thing.

Pure White (£250)

Considering this is still a non-metallic, it’s a bit of a cheek asking £250 for this solid white. However, it’s a nice bright white and not some horrible off-white, creamy colour, so it’s well worth considering, and it’ll hold its value well thanks to the popularity of white cars.

Metallic colours

Most people will likely go for one of these metallic choices even though they cost an extra £585. There are six different metallic shades to choose from and they all cost the same, so you won’t find out you’ve chosen a premium colour that costs even more than you thought.

Black Oak Brown (£585)

Brown cars are fashionable right now, but it’s worth trying to see the colour in the flesh before you order it. This looks like a slightly beige shade of brown, and it goes well with the chrome window surrounds.

Deep Black (£585)

Congratulations to SEAT for naming a colour after exactly what you see. This is just as it says on the tin. It’s deep and it’s black and it looks smart on the Alhambra.

Indium Grey (£585)

Indium Grey certainly suits the Alhambra and makes it look even more premium. It’s a classic metallic gunmetal shade of grey that looks good on just about anything, and the Alhambra is no exception.

Night Blue (£585)

While some blues can look cool and exciting, like those on the Subaru BRZ and Ford Focus RS, this isn’t quite as punchy. It’s a pleasant enough shade, however, and will set the Alhambra apart from grey and black SUVs in the car park.

Reflex Silver (£585)

If someone describes their car to you as being silver, this is probably the shade they are referring to. No distracting golds or browns added to it, just an honest to goodness, common-or-garden silver. It’ll be easy to sell on because silver cars are popular.

Romance Red (£585)

For some reason, more people seem to buy MPVs like the SEAT Alhambra and the Vauxhall Zafira in red than just about any other colour. This is a fairly vibrant one that does a great job of encapsulating SEAT’s Spanish flair.

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