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The €500k Fiat 500

Now we all know the saying, all that glitters is not gold. However in this extravagant Fiat 500s case, it most definitely is.
This bespoke, convertible Fiat 500 was commissioned by an affluent Chinese businessman and crafted by Italian luxury car tuning firm, Fenice Milano. God knows what he requested, turn this into a pot of gold on wheels, please?, just before parting with the small fortune of 500,000. Bear in mind this car can cost as little as 11,500…
Say hello to La Dolce Vita Ora Diamanti 200Hp. La Dolce Vita referencing the classic 60s film and the Golden Age of Italian cinema, with the Italian words for Gold and Diamonds following the name. Bling Bling.

Specifically the model is a 500C Abarth, the original 1.4 petrol 101HP engine used as the base of the car was enhanced to 200Hp by car engine modification and road racing specialists Romeo Ferraris, partners of Fenice Milano. Not only has the speed been increased but the suspension, ECU and exhaust upgraded, with added Brembo brakes.
This custom-toy has had some very special treatment indeed. The opulent detailing and decoration adorning the car are all 24k gold, including the front and rear bumpers, headlights, custom rear lights, mirrors, door handles, 17 custom wheels and the exhaust pipe. Along with those pretentious prestigious Fenice Milano phoenix badges.
The interior has had a bit of a redesign and is sprinkled with diamonds, covered in teak wood, pure leather and Alcantara. The seats are ergonomically designed, the steering wheel is teak and leather with commands in 24k gold, the dashboard profiles hand-shaped by Fenice Milano artisans.

Lets not forget the built-in iPad. Obviously not an ordinary iPad, but The Supreme Gold Diamonds rendition. Thats more like it. This baby alone will lighten your wallet by 129,995. Designed by Liverpudlien artisan Stuart Hughes it is a limited edition of only 10 units. The iPad provides GPS, MP3 and Wifi functionality.

The creation is available in two colourways. The Sportiva version comes in a multi-layer chromium Deep Red, the effect taking 10 layers of varnish to achieve. The Classica is wrapped in a white pearlescent varnishing which is quite literally sprinkled in gold dust – the varnish includes small particles of 24k gold!

We’re fans of the retro styling of the Fiat 500 and with the new exclusive finish, added comfort and increased performance of this chic city car, whats not to love! Apart from the hefty price tag that is. Youll also need to be a bit of an extrovert to drive this, as you’ll dazzle the commoners with your splendour. Tinted windows would certainly not go amiss.
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