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The Benchmark Cars

There are certain cars which all rivals are judged against. These cars are frequently referred to in reviews of other cars, and comparisons are inevitable. They’re not always the car that journalists name as their favourite, but they’re solid all-rounders in their class.
We take a look at which cars are the benchmarks in their class.

Benchmark small car – The Volkswagen Golf

All small cars/hatchback are judged against the Golf. Reviews of any new hatchback usually include comparisons against it.
It’s not just this latest Mark 6 version either, all versions of the Golf have been brilliant and have been class leaders in their time. They’re very well built, have excellent engines and represent great value for money.

Benchmark executive car – BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 series is the car that other manufacturers aim to beat when they build an executive saloon. It’s been a huge success for BMW, they started building the first version over 35 years ago. They’re fun to drive, comfortable and have a great history of reliability. Few other executive cars come close to being such great all-rounders.

Benchmark sports car – Porsche Boxster

It seems almost all journalists have adored the Boxster over the years. Any new sports car/convertible is compared against the Porsche. It’s not cheap, but is incredibly enjoyable to drive. With a buzzScore of 8.6 it’s the joint second highest rated car on carwow.

Benchmark super car – Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has been around for over 45 years now and has always been a class leader. This latest version, the 997, isn’t the most extrovert or stylish super car, but it doesn’t stop it being the car that all other super-cars are judged against.
There are a range of 911s, all of which can be used everyday and would make very good track day cars. Few other super-cars can boast both these abilities. 

Benchmark Luxury 4×4 – Range Rover

The Range Rover is the car that all other luxury 4x4s are compared with, and they always lose. Again, it’s a car that’s been around for generations. This latest model still manages to annihilate the competition.
It offers similar levels of luxury to a Bentley, and is one of the best cars off-road. What more could you want!
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