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The best option on a car?

The best gadget on a car is often the subject of heated debates all over the world, with people

tending to group into separate factions. It seems to be one of those arguments that can never be

fully resolved, such as deciding on the best pizza topping and which TV presenter is Ant and which one

is Dec; its simply impossible to define.

Keeping cool when its hot hot hot

In the summer months, especially in hot countries, many people would simply refuse to get in a car

which didnt have an air conditioning system fitted. The prospect of spending an hour or two in the

stifling heat of a box made of steel and glass is unbearable to them, and you cant really blame them.

When the temperature inside is similar to the surface of the sun, its best to walk.

Another popular gadget is the stereo. Whether its the basic radio, an old-fashioned cassette player,

a CD unit or an mp3 device, it seems we just cant survive without our tunes. On journeys without

music or news, the time seems to pass by at a snails pace, and can even leave the driver feeling

wistful about not being able to hear Radio Four hard to believe, but its true.

Performance is everything for some

Needless to say, the performance of a car is of vital importance to some, and the opportunity to flick

a switch and put the vehicle into sports mode is a favourite for many of them. If you like the idea of

impersonating The Stig every once in a while, this is the gadget for you. Be careful, though, because

the traffic police like nothing better than arresting anyone who drives too fast.

For people who arent keen on interacting with other members of the human race, and lets face it

there are plenty of them nowadays, blacked-out windows are a must-have. While the drivers and

passengers can see out, no-one can see inside. If you like pulling funny faces at other road users

while at the traffic lights, get those windows blacked out as soon as possible.

Alloy wheels are one of the more common sights on the roads nowadays, and their metallic

splendour graces the exterior beauty (or not, depending on opinion) of everything from a top of

the range Mercedes to a bottom of the skip Fiat. While some drivers think they look stylish and

futuristic, others may think they serve no purpose whatsoever. As always, its up to you!

David Rice is a UK writer with a keen interest in cars. He drives an old Volkswagen Passat with the

ultimate gadget see-through windows. Hes currently looking to replace it with a Ford Focus

from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

N.B. This was a sponsored blog post. For the record, our favourite gadget is heated seats. Perfect for getting toasty on a wintery day!

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