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The Greenest New Car 2011

We take a look at the cleanest and most eco-friendly car on sale in 2011. Judged not only on the amount of CO2, but also on all the other emissions produced that harm the environment.

The results are from an excellent survey carried out by and Ben Rose. They set out to find which the greenest cars on sale are, judged on the emissions that come out the exhaust.

Importantly, they didnt just look at the figures we normally associate with environmentally friendly cars. They calculated a Green Rating based on not only the CO2 emissions (which dictate how much vehicle tax you pay per year), but also the NOx, CO, PM10 particulates and noise produced. These emissions are then put into a weighted formula to produce the rating.

Analysis using the Green Rating formula produces a number that scores each car as a percentage as compared to the winning car, the higher the number the cleaner the car. So the winning car will always get a score of 100%, then the other percentages relate to that score.

The Winner

They found that the cleanest new car on sale is the Honda Insight.

Controversial perhaps, because it doesnt even qualify for exemption from the congestion charge, nor is it free from vehicle tax. The reason is because those exemptions are calculated purely on the amount of CO2 produced.

In second place was the Lexus CT (rating of 95.9%), with the Toyota Auris Hybrid (93.4%) in third.

Amusingly, the lowest scoring car was the Audi Q7 V12 TDI (20.3%), meaning it is the least environmentally friendly car on sale!

Its well worth a look at the different green ratings each car got, as its fascinating to find that even though some cars emit very little CO2, they actually emit a lot of other nasty gasses. See the full list here – Green Car Awards 2011

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