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Top 10 Most Sacrilegious Limos

When it comes to limos these days, no car is safe. Some of the finest cars in the world are being brutally stretched and butchered. Caution: Cover your eyes now or brace yourselves…

Bentley Arnage Limo


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The Bentley Arnage is a British classic. Hours of highly skilled labour went into constructing each one, only for this poor example to end up getting cut in half and extended. Then ridden around in by American red-necks.

Maserati Quattroporte Limo


The Maserati Quattroporte is one of our all time favourite executive cars. It’s great to drive, far cooler than most of its rivals and has a Ferrari sourced engine. This poor Quattroporte has fallen into the hand of an American limo manufacturer, who claims it is the only one in the world. We sincerely hope he’s right.

Land Rover Defender Limo


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Another British legend, the Land Rover Defender is one of the greatest 4x4s in the world, famed for its exceptional off-road abilities. This Defender limousine isn’t going to cope so well in the mud. Apparently it’s called the Defender 147, and can carry 13 passengers.

Jaguar XF Limo


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The Jaguar XF got universal acclaim from the press. The experts said it handles exceptionally well, has plenty of power and an exquisite interior. We doubt this butchered version will have any of those characteristics.

Toyota Prius Limo


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Ok, so this isn’t one of our favourite cars. But the Toyota Prius is still a good car and we can understand why people buy them. This is the limo for those who want to look really chavvy, while reducing their carbon footprint.

BMW X5 Limo




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Another great 4×4 ruined. Car critics particularly like the BMW X5 as it’s one of the best handling SUVs, this example really won’t be. We particularly hate that so many we see have totally unnecessary bull bars on the front, great pedestrian protection there.

Chevrolet Corvette Limo


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Again this isn’t really an amazing car, but we still wouldn’t say no to a spin in one. This Corvette limo even retains the convertible roof, though we can’t help but think it would be ‘better’ if the passenger area had no roof too. That way passer-bys could see the passengers dressed up in all their finest hen-party outfits.

Range Rover Sport Limo


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We’re big fans of the Range Rover Sport, but do realise that it does have a slight image problem, as it’s the favourite of so many footballer’s wives. This version has chav stamped all over it.


Ferrari 360 Limo

Image Source
This is by far the most sacrilegious limo conversion we’ve ever seen. Any car with the prancing horse badge on it deserves complete respect. Not to be contorted into a monstrosity like this.

It can carry 7 passengers, has the usual tacky TV screens in it, but they didn’t manage to fit in the laser lights or mini-bar. Appalling.

Lancia Delta Limo

We found this monstrosity on a forum and felt a little bit queasy. Who would do such a thing to what looks like a nice example of a Lancia Delta HF Integrale? To make things worse it seems like there are two of these that have been up for sale, 99,000 euros each. No one is sure yet whether it still has the 4 wheel drive system, all we know is that we hate whoever did this.

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