The Most Stylish Car Adverts Ever

Not the funniest, nor the most shocking, but simply the most stylish car adverts. We present our top 5 stylish car ads.

These adverts are mostly award winning and produced by well-known directors. Cleverly shot and set to evocative music, they stir emotion and create a warm feeling inside.


Honda – The Cog

Possibly the most memorable car advert of all time. First aired in 2003 to promote the Honda Accord, the commercial was such a hit that Honda offered DVDs of it and over 10,000 people ordered a copy.

It took 606 takes to perfect, but was definitely worth the effort. No advert since, or before, has won more awards.


Volkswagen – Night Drive

A slightly surreal advert shows a sleeping Los Angeles and features actor Richard Burton narrating ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. It advertises the Volkswagen Golf, but features few shots of the car, instead showing brief clips of the deserted streets and the few characters awake during the night.

It ends with the thought-provoking message ‘When was the last time you just went for a drive?’.

Honda – Impossible Dream 2010

This is the 2nd time Honda has created a TV commercial titled ‘Impossible Dream’. The idealistic feature is not advertising one specific model, but the brand as a whole, including its boats, bikes, planes and even robots.

Set to the song ‘Impossible Dream’ by Andy Williams, it’s a captivating commercial that really showcases the breadth of technology that the firm is involved in.

Audi – The Slowest Car We’ve Ever Built

A confusing title that suggests the R8 is the slowest car the company has ever built, when in fact it’s the opposite. The commercial’s aim is to show the time and attention that goes into crafting each R8.

It shows the gradual building of the car, and was apparently filmed while the engineers were constructing a real version of the car. Set to a whimsical melody by Simone White, the ad is more about instilling awareness of what the brand is capable of creating, than amassing sales orders.

Ferrari and Shell – VPower

A beautiful advert depicting the evolution of the legendary car manufacturer. It features Ferrari F1 cars from the last 60 years racing through famous roads around the world. With lots of shots of the engines, and some glorious in-car footage, it’s a joy to watch.

Our favourite element is the soundtrack, which is purely made up of the sound from the cars themselves.

Turn your speakers up, sit back and enjoy.