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Legendary video games reimagined as cars

Video games are a blockbuster industry with some big titles raking in more cash than many movie releases. If you’ve spent hours slaving away to get to the next level, we’d like to ease your burden with another series of crazy renders. We bring you 10 bonkers cars inspired by legendary video games.

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Mario – BAC Mono

While Mario might once have been a humble plumber, he’s gone on to become a great karting champion. If he’d turned up in a BAC Mono, however, his rivals might not fancy their chances – with 305hp and weighing as much as a housefly on a diet, no turtleshell power-up could ever keep up.

Pac-Man – VW Beetle

With a friendly, rounded silhouette, the VW Beetle looks like it could’ve come straight from the Pac-Man universe. Thanks to the Beetle’s short wheelbase and agile handling, it’s almost as good at hurtling through a maze constructed entirely of right angles as the legendary yellow pill-popping ghost chaser.

Sonic – Honda Civic Type R

If you wanna go fast – really fast – the Honda Civic Type R is one of the best real-world choices out there. In the virtual world, however, Sonic the Hedgehog is the only choice for those with a penchant for speed. Bring the two together and you’re unlikely to catch this blue streak.

Lara Croft – Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Few cars are better suited to crashing through a Peruvian forest than a Range Rover – even the comparatively urban Evoque Convertible. Aiding the fearless Tomb Raider in her adventures are built-in holsters for her pistols and bow, along with a grappling hook and storage for ancient treasures.

Donkey Kong – Toyota Land Cruiser

Donkey Kong is the undisputed king of the jungle – his barrel-chested barrel-throwing ability has made him a mainstay of consoles for years. Similarly, the Toyota Land Cruiser’s rugged dependability makes it a mainstay of jungle exploration and the ideal car for DK’s exploits.

Tetris – Volvo 240

Car designers sometimes say saloons have a ‘three-box design’ – the bonnet, the boot and the cabin. As you can see from our Volvo 240, however, this is clearly wrong – it obviously has four boxes, just like the ‘T’ shaped piece from 1986’s infamously wrist-straining Tetris.

Space Invaders – Smart ForTwo

While it seems antiquated now, Space Invaders was as close as many could hope to get to space in 1978. It proved how much you could get from a simple concept which, in a way, is similar to the Smart ForTwo – it set out to be the smallest car you can buy but still offers a lot of tech in its small frame.

Wipeout – Nissan Deltawing

The Nissan Deltawing was built to turn endurance racing on its head in a way none had done before. In the realm of video games, Wipeout also turned tired racing games on their heads by adding immense speed, futuristic tracks and plenty of neon for good measure – add a few thrusters and the Deltawing would fit right in.

The Legend of Zelda – Mini

Link is the brave hero of the Legend of Zelda series. Despite maps full of characters, the job of saving everyone always seems to fall on his green-toga-clad shoulders. Link might feel a kinship with the Mini – a small car that punches well above its weight out on the road.

Gordon Freeman, Half-Life – Audi Q2

Breaking the mould for burly video game main characters, Gordon Freeman is a scientist who battled alien forces with just a crowbar and HEV Suit. The armoured plates on his suit look similar to the Audi Q2’s faceted sides – a car that, itself, somewhat breaks the mould for crossovers. We would’ve used a Q3, but it’s not confirmed yet. (yes, that was a Half-Life 3 joke…)

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